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Arit Neter S

Dua Sebai Maa for these comments

About the 30,000 bce for the writing system, that was a typo…. gigantic hidden typo.

About using the language for “mundane practical realities to philosophical thinking about transcendental issues”: Dua for this reminder, as this aspirant just returned from a musical pilgrimage to Kemet, and for one reason or another, spent more time than was originally “desired’ dealing with practical worldly mundane matters. However, with a sense of humor and a shimmer of enlightenment, a way was opened up to spiritualize what was otherwise normal or mundane. Indeed, it was by learning more about the glyphs and the glyphs for the many offerings, chanting hekau instead of dwelling on the negative, even sharing informaton with vendors at he market about Kemet, etc that this aspirant found a way to remain as balanced as possible under unwanted experiences.