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Uab Amuntyt Clergy Work – 10/21/2018
Part I
Temple of Amun Sunday Devotion & Wisdom Teachings
Frequency: Every Sunday from Noon to 2 PM
Attendance: Varies, 9 to 17 people (22 Shems have been initiated since 2016)
Worship Ritual – Noontime Devotional
• Opening – Adoration to Amun
• Opening of the Alter
• Neterian Truths
• Opening Prayer A, Ancient Egyptian Hymn of Amun
• Daily Chants (one additional chant added – “Dua Amun Ubenu m her an rech”
• Healing Prayer to Sekhment & Supplication to Ast
• Reading of the Community Prayer (From the Hymn of Ra#1 in the Prt M Hru)
• Divine Drumming & Singings
• Wisdom Teachings
• Closing Prayer
Sunday Topics (Wisdom Teachings):
• September 2017 – 4 Lectures on Temple of Amun Wise Kemetic Living (based on Presentation by Sebai Maa)
• August 2017 thru May 2018 – Lectures based on the African Religion, The Asarian Resurrection, Volume 4
• May 2018 thru 2019 – Lectures based on the African Religion, Theban Theology, Volume 2. Presentations also include a presentation of the New Kingdom Pharaohs
Wednesdays Devotional & Meditation
Frequency: Weekly, Last Wednesday face to face Devotional
Attendance: 3 to 5 people (numbers have dropped significantly – recordings are available
• Evening Devotion,
• Follow-up questions,
• Meditation (20 minutes)
Thursday Monthly Basu* Meetings
Frequency: Monthly
Attendance: There are 4 Basus (1 in training). All 4 attend
• Each Basu must present the 3rd Sunday of the month. We discuss their presentation
• Discuss the monthly fasting ritual exercise
• Discuss topics/assignments on Amun
* Temple of Amun Basus are students that successfully completed the Level 1 & Level 2 Thef Neteru training given by Priest Ra Tem and myself. They also successfully completed the Initiation Into Egyptian Yoga Workbook class. A test was given at the end of each class.
Aspirants Class (TO BE RESUMED)
Frequency: Bi monthly (Remote)
Attendance: Possibly 5 students
Topics: Initiation into Egyptian Yoga Workbook

Other Duties/Projects:
• Creation of the 2019 Kemetic Calendar
• SIIOP Program
o More formal development and group participation of the SIIOP Program
 Phase 1 – Send and intro letter and an abbreviated book list
 Phase 2 – Coordinate a mail-in class using the Initiation into EY Workbook
 Phase 3 – Provide a resource list (NC/ SC area) for those who are being released.
o Book Sales & Coordination
• Edit and revise “Breath of Life” by Uab RaTem
• Oversee Temple of Amun 501 C-3 Business Meetings (meet every third Sunday after Devotional)
• Consultant to Neterian Conference Committee
Part II
1-My perception of the experience conducting the program – There is a lot of work necessary to prepare for the Sunday lectures. Not so much with the Wednesday night ritual since that has an already established protocol. Conducting the Sunday program has helped me to become more in-depth with the teachings on a personal level. I have benefitted tremendously in just doing the studying to prepare. The Basu training class lets me know that I have a lot of work to do on myself from higher mystical perspective.
2-My perception of effectiveness of the program – The Sunday program I think are effective. There is healthy conversation and it is clear that the more serious Shems are reading the book by the nature of their participation. Unfortunately, the Shems attendance is not as regular as I would like it to be. However, most of the Basus attendance has been consistent.
3-My perception of the compatibility with the Initiatic Narrative – Everything that I am working on is compatible with Initiatic Narrative.
4-My perception of what is needed going forward to improve your personal and professional experience with the program and to promote better service for the participants – I need to make more space in my practical life duties to allow for more concentration on my studies and Shedy rituals. I’m not sure how possible this is since there will be more personal lifestyle changes coming in the near future. But I feel there is still opportunities to better utilize my time by getting rid of the last vestiges of wasted time.