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I appreciated reading this post, which brings to bear many aspects of what you have learned as a avid student not just in this class but throughout other classes and experiences with the teachings. You included the the disciplines as outlined by Plutarch, the application of the concept of Myth-Ritual-Mysticism, the shedy calculator, etc.

Indeed, Lady Aset went through a process as an example to all aspirants of the phases of spiritual evolution as conceptualized by the Temple of Aset: Khak-ab followed by concentration and meditation to poison one’s illusions about the nature of Creation, and immersion into the deeper essence of that existence but with the added feature of dissolution of Self. So there is a process of dispassion, a process of concentration and meditation with stillness of body and mind, leading to dissolution of conscious awareness of ego and time and space in order to discover the greater depths of one’s own being. When the aspirant becomes seated in that depth the task of the temple, to seek after that foremost being, has been accomplished, and the redemption of the soul and its heir has been secured.

Khak-ab is the recognition that something wrong with the world-the world that one perceives. The ephemeral nature of everything screams out: WRONG! Yet the ego does not want to acknowledge that; it wants to remain oblivious/deluded until the last moment of the ephemeral lifetime.

The world also screams out GLORY! as Ra tried to tell Aset. Every facet of Creation is glorious, being in essence a mental manifestation of the cosmic mind of Ra. It is miraculous and stunning how animals (including human animals) and insects and plants live, reproduce and exist on a planet traveling 20,000 miles per hour through space around a life-giving star, for millions of millions of years. Yet that glory is actually degraded by the blindness of egoism and wasted in the vain attempt to own or egoistically enjoy its pleasures.
When the soul of the aspirant consciously realizes that there is something wrong with the world and that the wrongness is unacceptable (an-maat), and when there is conscious realization that there is something better to be attained and when determination to achieve that better essence arises above all other considerations, then Khak-ab has dawned and the movement (taffy shepsy) towards enlightenment (Nehast) can proceed relentlessly (Antet-begag).