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Very good

A small but crucial detail about the reason why Heru is the rightful heir; I am not sure if this point has been made before but it can be deduced by the wisdom of the philosophy. Nevertheless I will bring it out to make it plain. The reason that Heru is the rightful heir is not just because he is the son of Asar as a hereditary, physiological or genetic issue as is the practice of Western and other royalty. The reason is not physical because the throne we are speaking of is not physical but soulful and mental. Rather, he is the rightful heir because he is the incarnation of the Soul and Intuitional wisdom (the true nature of Asar and Aset). Set or ego has no legitimacy to be on the throne of life. The manifestation of Spirit is the rightful heir. Only a person born of Spirit and Conscious Awareness of Spirit can the rightful heir of the throne of enlightenment. Anyone (Male or female) who is born in this way is called Heru.