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Indeed, being able to read the glyphs without having benefit of the understanding of the philosophy leaves the reader at a disadvantage and limitation. In addition to that issue there is also the danger of personal or cultural bias that would seek to fit the ancient tradition, whatever is read, into the reader’s paradigm. This is why it is important to have contact with practitioners, who are unapologetic and open about their spiritual practice in relation to the teachings. And this is what an aspirant should seek, someone is ethically conscious and who has studied and practiced the teaching, since the study and practice as a personal religion is what leads to its deeper understanding. On the issue of the Medtu Neter, the word appears both ways in the texts but in accord with the Ancient Egyptian practice of abbreviation the the shortened version is usually seen more frequently. I have chosen to use the full spelling in most cases not just with this term bu all since this gives the capacity to differentiate and vocalize terms more easily.