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Temple of Aset
Lesson 5
Video Summary for verse 10-20

In previous lessons, we learned that Lady Aset who had knowledge of the lower mysteries of life came to a point of disappointment and disgust about the millions of manifestations within her human experience. Khak ab developed. Her inner wisdom began to pull away from the egoistic part of herself to pursue what is true and abiding.
According to Plutarch, the ancient Egyptians give themselves entirely to study, hearing and meditation on the teachings in order to make their bodies sit as light and not be weighed down by the mortal parts.

In these previous verses, wisdom is in the listening stage of its three-fold process.
Listening to the teachings involved listening to an authentic spiritual teacher who maintains the purity of the teachings unaffected by personal desires/ego. During this listening stage, wisdom gained insight into the time and space operation of the creator. She learned its movement, its characteristics, its myth. The myth of the creator known in time and space is a face/illusory representation of an abiding essence.

Once listening is completed one can reflect. Her knowledge of the myth begins to operate within her life and in her mind. The wisdom within Lady Aset lead her to think deeply about her options. Wisdom, understanding and khak-ab allowed her to take on the lofty goal of being Ra, a goddess with knowledge of the higher mysteries beyond time and space as well as the lower. Lady Aset now ritualistically followed the movement of the creator. She needed to know him so she spent time with him. She moved when he moved as he sailed on his boat across the day creating, sustaining and dissolving it. How he created, sustained and completed her very existence as a Lady was studied emanated. As he dissolved her existence each evening she collected what parts belonged to her, what was used to create and sustain her temporarily, what was dripping from the remnants of her illusionary existence that she had come to know. She collected his drool, her drool daily and kneaded it, coiling it, sublimating it for higher use for she no longer needed to be sustained for time and space pursuits. Her ritual practice became higher and higher, from the physical to the astral realm.

When Lady Aset considered her option of becoming like Ra, her thoughts became deeper and deeper into the depths of her heart. She knew he had a name that could be discovered. There is a spirit to be discovered in the darkness. Everything in existence has a name. Since the source of all existence can be known she thought “it” too must have a name. Since the source of all creation is outside the realm of time and space that name cannot be discovered in time and space as it has no fathomable time and space characteristics. That name is a divine, virtuous, spiritual name, which is, in essence, no “name”.In this realm of mystery, she meditated each day seeking to know this/her true name.

In verse 18 saliva of Ra-Tem was falling voluminously on the faces of persons flooding all over the land exposed to half the sky.
The drool was so much that it was falling everywhere, on Aset too as she collected it. To get this wisdom per Sebai we as initiates must face the light as it pours and floods all over you in meditation.

In this video lesson, there were also two words that gave key insight into Lady Aset’s transformative process. Both came from the bonus slides Sebai shared.

Term #1 came from the Bonus verse from the PMH: Hymn to Asar- alighting
Alighting is to come to a rest, to settle, like when a bird stops to perch on a branch and then fly away again. Wisdom did not even that while she searched for the soul. The goal of finding the soul was always the focus and wisdom pursued it relentlessly and without stopping. As an initiate, it means to keep the teachings in mind at all times, stay close to the teachings and the goddess with physical implements ( iconographies, jewelry, pictures) as well as mindfully (extended chants, reflections) always remembering the teachings.

Term #2 came from the lamentations of Aset and Nebethet from the Book of Commemorative Words to be said By The Two Sisters in the House of Asar- Aht
Aht is a call of mourning, a deep feeling, a call for the return of the spirit. It is a special utterance of devotion spoken by Aset for the soul to “come to your house the first and singular place of creation”. It is a lamentation of the toil of life and the lost of spirit.

This calling out is unlike the mourning done at funerals but more in the direction of the hekau later used by Intuitional wisdom, to stop the movement of creation by calming the waters in order to save the soul.
Creation is time/movement in space. if anyone of these stop (time or space) creation collapses and awareness of the transcendental essence beyond time and space is experienced.
This activates the shedy calculator which erases billions of years of ariu, the contents of the heart that leads to fluctuations in the mind and the experience of duality.
Clarity and purity give entry into these higher experiences from purifying the body and mind over time, which eventually begins to “bring the soul home”.