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Bastu Baket

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Udja Aspirant Theressa. Glad to see you join this Nefer course. Dua for your post summarizing the Plot of the Asarian Resurrection it was very concise and brought out many profound mythic points and you recognize it has mystical implications as well.

I appreciated your statement of “Spiritual Enlightenment is possible for the Spiritual Aspirant through devotion and wisdom gleaned by spiritual discipline and guidance from the teacher who helps the student to understand the meaning behind the mythic story.” This speaks to the depth of Aset’s role as Spiritual Preceptor to Heru (us) and through this course you will learn how she goes beyond the implements of devotion and wisdom to achieve her goal and share with us.

I also appreciated your mention of Nebehet who represents physicality, that which is subject to death and decay and Djehuty (cosmic mind) as they also assisted Aset (wisdom, devotion) to revive Asar (soul). These cosmic principles allow for Heru (spiritual aspiration) to be born and become victorious.

Looking forward to your continued posts, welcome to the Temple of Aset!

Shems Baket