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This is a very concise post with a very concentrated summary that captures the important essence of the myth and its mythic wisdom implications.

“The most important meaning of the Asarian Myth is its hidden meaning and mystical implications relating to spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Spiritual Enlightenment is possible for the Spiritual Aspirant through devotion and wisdom gleaned by spiritual discipline and guidance from the teacher who helps the student to understand the meaning behind the mythic story.”

Now, after understanding that there are hidden meanings and mystical implications, those are to be discovered and internalized so that they may foment a process of transformation in the personality. This course has been setup for that purpose. Knowing that there are some hidden meaning and mystical implications is one thing. That is like looking from outside in. The necessary next step is to step into those mystery teachings, participate in them and thereby experience the glories espoused by the personalities in the myths. This next step is into the subtleties of the mythic wisdom contained in the myth. That leads to metaphysics studies and experiences leading to mystical insights and experiences in the movement towards enlightenment.

In this course you will find out (if you haven’t already) that Aset is the shining Seba star of illumining preceptorship for Heru. This scripture shows how she became that. In studying her wisdom, as recorded by the priests and priestesses of old, we too can participate and experience the transformative effect of her transcendental existence today and for all time.

Dua to Shems Heryt for her wise encouraging words.