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Additionally, in context, the western religions are indeed teaching the truth that they ascribe to, a faith-based notion of a heavenly post-death existence alongside an unknown though apparently ancient old Caucasian male figure. From our perspective, the perspective of mysticism, the faith-based notions are partial spiritual aspirations that fall short of actual spiritual investigation. Actually they stop investigation and galvanize the mind on imaginary ideals. Therefore, the path of stunted spirituality is for those who are incapable, for whatever reason, of pursuing deeper investigations that require human maturity, spiritual stamina, capacity for concentration, lack of spiritual co-dependency on emotional and intellectual appeals to soothe their desires and comforting beliefs about spirituality and cultural supremacy, so as to be able to strike out into the higher realms of conscious awareness. Faith-based religions actively seek to prevent their adherents from practicing yoga and or meditation precisely because it would open up heretofore un-experienced vistas of higher dimensions of being that deviate from the limiting notion of faith-based religions.