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Udja Aspirant Theressa,

Welcome to TTOA Course. I enjoyed reading your posting, summarizing the Asarian Resurrection. Indeed, it is well written and concise, demonstrating that you have a good grasp of the teachings. Just to clarify, in the Kemetic language the word for “chakras” is “Sefek Ba Ra,” meaning “The Seven Souls of Ra.” Essentially they mean the same thing, (the seven energy centers), and you are correct in identifying “chakras” with the Pillar of Asar. However, whenever possible, we are encouraged to use the Kemetic language with the teachings. As you progress in the course you will actually learn how to read hieroglyphic writing called “Medu Neter” (Divine Speech).

One other important note on your statement:

“They give birth to a son Heru, who later becomes king. Set is jealous of Heru and wants to become king.”

As the son of Asar, Heru is the “rightful heir” to the throne—not as yet king. It is Set who is the king and Heru challenges Set for rightful ruler ship. This is a small difference, but it makes all of the difference in that Heru must prove himself the rightful king before vindicating Asar—his Father. This, of course, is the battle of all initiates…to “take up arms” against Set (the ego).

Dua (Adorations) for this very fine summary of the teachings. I look forward to your continued success and progress.

Shems Heryt