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Theressa Holmes

Temple of Aset Course Lesson 1
1. Summarize the Plot of the Asarian Resurrection.
The central theme of the Asarian Resurrection is a story about rebirth, transformation, and redemption. Asar, the son of Nut and the grandson of RA represents the Divine potential in man. (The Higher Self). Aset his sister represents the Lady of Wisdom and Divine Love (The mother who gives birth) Both reign as King and Queen of Ancient Kemet spreading peace and joy throughout the world. Their brother Set(egoism) becomes jealous and wants to become the King. He plots and kills Asar. Aset, with the help of her sister Nebthet, searches all over the land for Asar’s body, eventually finding it in Syria inside a Pillar (the chakras). Aset, through her love and devotion, prays and breathes life back into Asar (resurrection and rebirth) protecting him with her wings. They give birth to a son Heru, who later becomes king. Set is jealous of Heru and wants to become king. They face and fight each other and go before the gods and goddesses who later decide that Heru is the rightful king. With the help of Djehuti and Hetheru, Heru is able to help Set to find the error of his ways. They become friends bringing harmony and peace to the world.

2. What are the main takeaways from the Asarian Resurrection Myth, the important teachings to remember.

The most important meaning of the Asarian Myth is its hidden meaning and mystical implications relating to spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Spiritual Enlightenment is possible for the Spiritual Aspirant through devotion and wisdom gleaned by spiritual discipline and guidance from the teacher who helps the student to understand the meaning behind the mythic story.

3. Based on your understanding of the video lecture and your current understanding at this time A. what have you discovered so far about what is important about the role of Aset in the epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection? And B. what do you make of the character, personality?

A. Aset’s primary role is to impart wisdom and to assist in the transformation and rebirthing process of the individual.
B. Aset’s characteristics are nurturing, healing, love, wisdom, support and protection.