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This is a reply to Shema Akhu’s post 7201.

I appreciated reading all the above posts and interactions between the students and Sebai.
It gave great insight into the teachings of TTOA and how one is to proceed with the studies and practices of the temple at his level. I also appreciated the clear, mature way your posts were written, citing specific quotes used from other posters and denoting when your quotes are coming from scriptures.

Your statement:
“Us thinking there is a separation of form, function, and essence, what’s moving, how it’s moved and why or who or what is doing the moving needs to be “let go”. The thought of penetrating a single atom of illusion and the implications that this can cause one to have even a glimpse into another reality….beyond time and space rings true for me, the process of destroying the illusion includes experiencing a higher reality……. ”

was especially appreciated and rings true to me as well. Your entire post brought to mind that what is happening is a methodical scientific process that requires specific steps at the right times to be successful. So though experiencing another reality is a common occurrence for many people not on the path to do so on the path requires a different level of precision and being really clear along the way.

Your “glimpse into another reality” term brought to mind that this clarity and methodical movements are important in these higher realms as well.