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You have hit on some of the most important themes in this lesson.
“Through this interplay of knowledge/truth of the created world and experience, a level of wisdom was able to be developed. It was realized through having the human experience.”

Indeed, one of the profound Maatian wisdom action teaching is that the aryu that formed into an opaque ego identity developed through experiences in time and space. Likewise, the experiences of time and space can lead to the unwinding of those aryu and in so occurring, allowing the blocked vistas of the Higher Self to become fathomable by the conscious self.

“This is where Sebai elaborated on epigenetics. Desires can occupy the intellect and lead to action on what you feel versus what you know. It says 95% of our actions are being directed from an unconscious state based on a comic basis and only 5% is being done consciously. So in order to attain enlightenment she still had to know how to change ariu. Epigenetic says to purify the ab you must act with pure heart and pure actions and thoughts. Wisdom must use this 5% to create this new body.”

The Epigenetic aspects of spiritual progress cannot be underestimated. One’s experiences in the present life as well as those of previous lifetimes are not just inputs from one’s personal conscious experiences but also have inputs from unseen sources such as people who hate one from a distance, which may be considered more psychic or the pains and frustrations of a grandfather even before he married the grandmother and gave birth to one’s parents. That latter may be considered as more physiologically genetic, yet both are now being seen as having effects on future generations, hence epigenetic. As the aryu in the unconscious is cleansed, the epigenetic qualities are also improved and overcome.

“Always identifying this in the objects and people in “real time” is a work in progress. Lady Aset (I think in the myth so far) was able to deconstruct the object of creation enough to see their key ingredients which lead to her khak-ab.”

This is an important observation, that in a range from total unconscious and ignorant reacting to external stimuli to total conscious awareness of worldly experiencing and the ability to be absolutely not caught up in the seemingly interminable opportunities for worldly distractions, there is to be a relentless movement towards attentiveness and away from inattentiveness. Then that movement goes on relentlessly transforming the aryu to greater and greater levels of insight and dispassion (KHAK-AB) that automatically lead to the goal of discovering the name of Ra, as it causes greater an-nemu-nemu and metut -poisons the worldly delusions of the mind (External world of Ra’s Creation)- which is the goal of the scripture and the Temple of Aset.