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Arit Neter S

U. This is supposed to be reflection on Sebai Maa’s comments on the post by Shems Tut Akhu 6719. Will go back and watch the entire class from June 2016, but for the purpose of this assignment, was looking for his comments on the post by Shems Akhu. Although he did not comment on the statements that I chose, Sebai commented a bit on the use of tats. Tat: image that is a representation of an idea. He mentioned that if too left brained, will attach to the literalism and concreteness to thought process that it does not deserve. He then went on to mention the example of a cow: the difference between seeing a cow standing in a pasture, and then an image of a cow, or maybe he said a glyph of a cow.
This is where my mind went with that:
When I see a cow standing in a field, I feel sadness, because I know the creature is being traumatized and will someday be served on a plate with cheese.
When I see photograph of a hamburger, I feel anger because these corporations are killing human beings and poisoning the earth to create such a disgusting sandwich.

Yet, when I see the image of a Cow as the Goddess HetHeru, I am filled with serenity grace and peace. I am reminded of the strength and majesty that we all have within, the potential to remain seated on our innerthrone and not be moved, and when we are moved, the teachings from the Cosmic Mind and chanting the medu neter, can bring us back to our natural state of Divinity and Oneness with the Divine.

Dua Sebai Maa. I appreciluv the fact that even when we do quote you in our answers, there is still room for correction and more precision in their expression: this validates the profound depth of these teachings because if the minds of the students are to grow and change and expand, so to must be the mind and consciousness of the preceptor, always ready to be filled and refilled again and again, by always staying close to the Goddess Aset and to the teachings.

Dua to our most Beloved Spiritual Preceptors.
Shems Arit