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Arit Neter S

Dua Shems TUT Akhu Aset Maat for your enlightening post. I especially appreciluv the statement: “Hence, the hieroglyphs cannot be properly transcribed without the essence of the philosophy, its mythic and mystic components as the foundation or one would miss the point all together, and remain privy only to literal and superficial understanding.Because of this complexity, it’s important to understand that one must be initiated into philosophy to understand them Which I gather to mean that it must be lived.” This resonates well with me because one of the things that I have gathered is that the Medu Neter, which is Static, when put i to motion becomes Maakheru, Purifying. That in order to live and to grow, we must be in motion. Just as it is not enuff to practice devotion, study teachings or even meditate: it is putting the practice and teachings into action, into motion, we must move. This is Living, this is ANKH. The Teachings Must Be Activated by LIVING THEM.

Another brilliant point that vibrates highly and deeply:
The Topic of the Mummy Wrappings “The wrappings around the mouth symbolizes the incapacity to speak. The (purpose of) Medtu Neter and the philosophy it represents, is to remove these restrictions and make one maakheru, pure of speech. So in essence the medtu neter points to enlightenment because, as Sebai reiterated throughout the different lessons, the real value of a language allows you to think within the context of the culture and philosophy of the language, and the language of Ancient Kemet, the medtu neter is that of enlightenment.”

This can be most helpful to the aspirant that sometimes has trouble expressing self, or finding the right words. Someone with a blocked throat energy center/Sefech Ba Ra/Aritu/Chakra. Can see this as being used as a meditation, when speechless, perhaps paralyzed by fear or past trauma, can visualize oneself coming back to normal consciousness, with the mummy wrappings unraveling and eventually finding the right words to speak, by mentally chanting hekau softly, or in one’s head until the sound can be heard audibly. Rather than saying something inappropriate, or potentially self damaging words, in the moment. I am looking forward to practicing this with my clients, and also, in my self care practice. Dua for this reminder and insight.

I also appreciluv you reminding us that the purpose of the medu neter is enlightenment, and so, just by reading and studying, are sure to be enlightened thru this process.

Dua Shems Tut Akhu
Shems Arit Meter S