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TOA Lesson 4 Video

For Verse 1-9

The story of Aset and Ra :
This scripture is about a Divinity, a dual Divinity who possesses dual consciousness, who is creator of itself and creator of humans and Earth and the life force that enlivens creation; the life given fire that enlivens everything; the creator of the gods and goddesses of man and woman and all fourlegged creatures, reptiles, birds and fish. This Creator was a royal Lord, the king of people and also of gods and goddesses, a form of Oneness where it experiences periods of 120 years as though they are one year, who has many names which are not known even to the gods and goddesses.
Now look, here comes Aset in the form of a physical human a physical woman who is also an expert on the subject of writing about worldly subjects with all that understanding about the world and worldly affairs. Her heart was disappointed even sick disgusted in her heart about the millions of manifestations called human being and their activities and their futile pursuits. After evaluating the prospect of living life as an ordinary human being she became dispassionate and disgusted about that. She considered the option of gods and goddesses as better. But after she made an assessment of the options……… (to be continued)

Important points covered in this lecture:
Wisdom is developing as the consciousness of the human woman called Aset through the process of listening, reflecting, meditating, changing ariu and obtaining knowledge of Self.

Here in verse 1-9 Wisdom went through the first two of the process. First through listening and became learned about the lower mysteries of the Creator and its creation, which is the mythic and ritual level of learning. All things are the creator (Ra) in what appears to be different forms. Therefore interacting with the knowledge of all things being Ra becomes a ritual-playing out a myth. Through this interplay of knowledge/truth of the created world and experience, a level of wisdom was able to be developed. It was realized through having the human experience.
Like Asar Asar, the little boy who watched the funeral procession pass by with his father, this stage of wisdom already knows the end result of all worldly pursuits and the eventual destination of all created things even the fate of the gods and goddesses who are in time and space. Therefore the human woman encasing this wisdom knew the greatest potential as human would not be enough to follow truth to its end.
Knowledge is not abiding, knowledge changes according to the time and context. One must reflect on life, one must sit and ponder creation. Wisdom lead to the second step in the process, reflection.
In verse 9 Aset reflected on her options: following the path of a human being which will only lead to continuous pain and suffering which was disgusting or following the path of becoming a god and goddesses which is better …..(so far).

Each level of wisdom that is realized requires an appropriate vessel to receive it into. Through this process of reflection it will be realized that a new “vehicle” will have to be created to continue the unfolding of truth. Wisdom will now lead the human Aset into the temple to create such a vehicle

Even though Aset listened and reflected on the true nature of life and had the reflection on her options. The desire to go beyond an ordinary human being is not enough.
This is where Sebai elaborated on epigenetics. Desires can occupy the intellect and lead to action on what you feel versus what you know. It says 95% of our actions are being directed from an unconscious state based on a comic basis and only 5% is being done consciously. So in order to attain enlightenment she still had to know how to change ariu. Epigenetic says to purify the ab you must act with pure heart and pure actions and thoughts. Wisdom must use this 5% to create this new body.

Question for reflection:
What teaching did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotional, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady a set on her path?

I am working to see the events in life more and more as a myth and ritual and mystically rather than literal. In other words, it is easier to see the myth and mysticism in a story because we are taught what each character in a myth really is… (Asar is the soul, Aset is wisdom, intuition depending of where we are in the myth…). Always identifying this in the objects and people in “real time” is a work in progress. Lady Aset (I think in the myth so far) was able to deconstruct the object of creation enough to see their key ingredients which lead to her khak-ab.

What has worked for me is to slow “life” down and take a step back from it to see it as a live story. Since it’s all an illusion giving all or most of it the same title, Ra, the face man Ra, is very helpful. Increasing the amount of chants of who I really am
Also remembering at all times that ariu is not mine. Ariu collects as the residue of thoughts, actions and words and becomes a tool for ignorance to have power in material existence but this ariu itself does not belong to the soul and is therefore not me nor mine.