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Arit Neter S

2b. These topics are important for understanding Ancient Egyptian Writing as well as the philosophy contained in it because

I. One must understand the past to understand the present: it is crucial to know the history of something in order to fully understand and appreciate. “A people without the knowledge of its history and culture is like a tree without roots” Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

II. If one were to remain ignorant of the multidimensional levels and meanings of the glyphs, one would be missing out on 99% of the actual PURPOSE of the Medu Neter, which is to lead one to Nehast.

III. If you did not know about the vowels, you would only be able to read the teachings, not to say them audibly, thus, unable to create or manifest, or to live the teachings, because even though everything began in the mind, sound is what made things “appear” to move. Transition from static or potential to realized or dynamic. Sound Creates Vibrations.

IV. You might resent having to write things over and over again, or repeating the chants or even reading the teachings over and over, if you did not know about the process going on that is actually taking you to Nehast. You might even resent having to take a lesson over again, or rewriting an answer for this class! What is the saying about repetition? 

V. Because one should NOT separate the writings from the philosophy contained within. This is what the Greeks did!

VI. Studying aspects and qualities of the Divine, with tools such as the Medu Neter, helps us to KNOW THYSELF. Also, studying the Medu Neter and the Teachings, helps us to know the Divine, and to be closer to it.

VII. You might get all caught up in the grammatical notation, the peculiarities, the changes and evolutionary technicalities, etc, rather than focusing on Being Enlightened. You might forget to spend time saying the words out loud, and instead try to perfect your skills at duplicating the glyphs, Knowing, yet ignoring the FEELING aspect.
VIII. Because the Philosophy came first! Then came the writings. Had you not studied these topics, you might never understand the connection, source or purpose of the Medu Neter.