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Very good
ABOUT THE STATEMENTS FROM BOTH OF YOU-highlighting the term “Purity or Purification”:
From Damaz:
“However, it needs to be said that due to unbalance in the aspects of the personality, meditation in order to bring about all the benefits aforementioned, needs to be practiced along with other yoga disciplines so that the individual can purify the Arius in an integral fashion otherwise, there will be tips in the balance of Maat which will lead to reincarnation and negatively affect enlightenment in current life cycle.”
Sabai Maa’s Response
This statement is primary to everything else in the post…highlighting the importance of an integral practice and purification. While philosophy is important, one has to have purity.
EdwardStephenson comment:
The points highlighted above, namely that yoga should be practiced in an integral fashion and that while knowing the philosophy, self-purification is also an important priority, are concerns that I personally think are most significant and which has much relevance for my own journey. I say this based on experiences I have had which made me realize that the importance of purifying oneself through righteous action (Maat) as well as through meditation. I personally tend to gravitate towards the study of the philosophy but I am mindful of the fact that as Sebai Maa said, “while the philosophy is important one must have purity. “ Even with this intellectual realization I am aware that also important is the WILL to engage in the practice, particularly those dimensions that I find to be most challenging.”
EdwardStephenson comment:
“but more important, this insight should be accompanied by the purification and thus elimination of this Aryu. It is this purification component and the mechanisms by which it is accomplished that is missing in the psychoanalytic tradition and which makes it a questionable therapeutic tool.”

EdwardStephenson comment:
“I think, that we have the potential to exert control over our destiny by purifying the Aryu responsible for influencing what we think and do. Once purified, we then have the ability to experience higher levels of awareness even beyond the delusions created by the ego that we experience in normal consciousness.”

EdwardStephenson comment:
“And so, unlike the psychoanalytic tradition which believes that health comes from strengthening the ego to make us better adjusted to the external reality, the Neterian view instead posits that health comes from purifying the ego so that we are more aligned with and accepted by that which lies within.”

A word on purification:
There are three kinds of purification on the spiritual path. The first is physical, relating to diet and environmental factors that affect physiological well-being. This is important in that physical impurity can affect and distort the mental capacity. An example is lack of exercise and good nutrition that will affect moods and cognitive abilities. The second form of purity is mental purity. This one is affected by two main issues: thoughts and feelings. Thus, the aspirant should take care to promote right thinking and right feeling so as to have clarity of mind and emotional stability. This is accomplished through, among other things, right acting, ethical conscience, listening to and studies of philosophy as well as advancing devotional practices and promoting right feelings by acting in accord with truth, which indicates what types of items, in the world, should be cared about and how and to what extent, if at all. These first two levels of purity foster soul purity, which is the third form of purity. Soul purity is purity of the psycho-spiritual aspects of life that allow one to be sensitive to the spiritual dimensions of life leading up to re-identification of identity from individual, physical and mortal, to Spirit Being, which is transcendental and infinite. That soul health is effected when the body and mind are purified sufficiently to change the content of aryu in the unconscious, which in turn allow clarity of spiritual vision, which itself is vision of Self as akhu or a Shining Spirit Being. This occurrence is termed Nehast or enlightenment. This process may be regarded as purification of the “ego.”