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Theressa Holmes

Introduction to the Mysteries Level 1
Book Reading Assignment Level 1 Lesson1 – pages 10 – 20

1. Who was the first ancient civilization to develop a complete religious system?

Ancient Egypt.

2. What is the relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians?

The Egyptians and the Ethiopians are relatives. The Ancient Egyptians migrated from Nubia (south) to northeast Africa. To illustrate, my children, born in the state of Delaware, relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta Georgia. Residing in another state does not change the fact that they are my children.

3. Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

A colony of Ethiopians from the south who came to the northeast part of Africa.

4. What is Yoga Philosophy? Egyptian Religion?

a.) Yoga Philosophy is an Egyptian Religious spiritual discipline that unites the individual soul with the Universal Soul or Supreme Consciousness that leads to spiritual Enlightenment.

b.) Ancient Egyptian Religion (Shetaut Neter) is an extensive system of mythology and psychology developed in Africa over seven thousand years ago to assist humans to develop to their full potential. The discipline in Shetaut Neter is called Shedy or a study and practice to penetrate the mysteries.

5. What is the Initiatic Way of Education?

The Initiatic Way of Education is a discipline of spiritual studies that requires an authentic teacher. It is a teacher and student relationship teaching method where the student is properly guided through Initiation.

6. What is Initiation? Initiation is more of and embarking on a journey of spiritual living which leads to spiritual Enlightenment.

7. How does the Kemetic Yoga counselor help the seeker?

The Yoga Counselor guides the individual into a viable personal spiritual program assisting the seeker to restructure and channel disappointment and frustration into a healthy interaction with the world by rising above the pain and disappointment.

8. How should a beginning aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
There are three different level of Aspirants. The first level is awakening the Spiritual Self. The student becomes conscious of the divine presence. This level is called Aspiration. The Second level is the purgation of the self. At this level the aspirant works on purifying mind and body through a spiritual discipline. This level is called Striving. The last level is illumination of the intellect. This level is called Established. The Divine marriage takes place when the individual is UNITED with GOD.