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TOA Lesson 4: Reading Assignment

The term that most captures my attention is Khak-ab. It mean repudiated heart.
We also associate this word with detachment. Aset had a repudaited heart while in the form of a human woman. What was key is that she had knowledge of all aspects of life, therefore her repudiation was not directed to a particular portion of life she was unhappy with or disgruntled with but the totality of life itself. There was not aspect of it that she desired to keep, fix, hold on to, have faith in, seek happiness from.

Having a repudiated heart would mean all the cosmic forces in all forms and combinations would not in itself produce the intuition obtained from discovering ones true essence. The process requires giving over the entire content of ones heart to be illuminated by RA’s eye. In that way she is not compelled to follow her own heart’s desires but focused instead to follow truth.