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Indeed, the term Maa fy uses the hieroglyphs for eyes which imply the capacity for “vision”. Therefore, Aset (Intuition) secures the capacity for vision for the aspiration and redemptive aspect of the personality. As you stated:

“This was captivating to me because it means that Divine awareness/awareness is ever present and just awaits my purity so it can dawn or be unveiled”

The “life oath” represents a binding that is unbreakable between Heru (our aspiration and redemption) and Asar (the soul) through the action of our intuition (Aset). The life oath exists because without Ra our soul cannot be and since we are Ra’s deeper self (Neterty), neither can Ra (Creator Spirit) exist without us who are that same Spirit Being! Hence verse 114: Ra ankh – f metut mer –May Ra live and may the poison die.” In expanded context: may our soul not die from the misery of not knowing the Name of Ra, due to the poison of ignorance! May Ra, the Creator Spirit, our very selves, truly live, now with the knowledge of Self (Neterty) and may the poison of delusion expire!

The glories of the teaching of Aset are manifold and magnanimous! Adorations to Aset, and the sages who recorded her wisdom!