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Bastu Akhu

Temple of Aset
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Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?


The hieroglyphic term that caught my attention in this lesson was “Maa fy” , eye his both. The meaning of the use of this term is to be found in the context of vs. 107- 109 which came directly after Goddess Aset became enlightened. She entered a pact (life oath) with Ra on Heru’s (our) behalf. The first part of the oath is that she will be allowed to pass this teaching of her enlightenment to Heru when he become ready for enlightenment. The second part of the oath binded Ra in an agreement to give Heru “his” two eyes “Maa fy’ when Heru engage the struggle with set and looses his vision, the truth of reality. The “Maa fy” is spirit that restores the vision of the higher self making Heru victorious! This was captivating to me because it means that Divine awareness/awareness is ever present and just awaits my purity so it can dawn or be unveiled. Dua Goddess Aset! Dua Sebai Maa! Dua Seba Dja and All!

Shems Akhu