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Bastu Baket

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Udja first I’d like to say your posts are very much appreciated as they impart the sense of your devotion and the gathering of the knowledge you have gotten from this Course.

I’d like to comment on the following highlight: “I have to be cognizant of the world and its degradations and not accept any moment of being pulled back into it which at times can be very subtle. In essence, doing this is putting wisdom aside and to me wisdom and ignorance cannot occupy the same space.” This reminded me of the image of Heru with Set sticking out of his neck. This would be the battle of Heru and Set continuing within one’s personality. Sometimes Heru is in control and sometimes Set. This is the state of agitation that most people are in. However, we as participants in this Course are engaged in the process of sublimating that Setian nature.

But as your post continues: “So to emulate Lady Aset I will not put her aside but spend time with the Goddess as she leads me to discover my true nature/name the very essence of all and to do this as Sebai says, I have to “stab the ego in the “ and the heart of the ego is the delusions (egoistic feelings, desires etc.)” Now this brought to mind the image Sebai Maa had shared during one of our Chat Meetings (which by the way produce such precious gems) that of Goddess Mafdet using her knife to cut the serpent.

Within that chat Seba Dja shared, “Purified intellect=Djehuty intellect =also enlightened sagely intellect protecting barque of Ra=Protecting Ra. Enlightened sages use their purified egoism personalities to be an expression of Ra in time and space, and in so doing they are “protecting Ra.”

Once Heru is victorious as Heru Behudet, then Set becomes Set Nebi Ra and now protects the Boat of Ra by spearing Apep the serpent of chaos who wants to stop the boat of Creation.

I so agree with your statement of “spend time with the Goddess” as I have found such solace in her teachings, her compassion, her wisdom and find emulating her is best by keeping her close in thoughts, actions, amulets, books, posters, mats, earrings, statues, obviously whatever I may find of her but know that she is within me always.

Dua hna Htp
Shems Baket

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