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A well presented post.

While the essentials of the spiritual process are well described well there is an aspect that should be added to these as an essential ingredient that allows the process to move forward. That ingredient is will.
As you stated:
“There is increasing understanding of what is truth vs. untruth, real vs. illusory.”
“The more one listens to one’s inner voice and engage in prayer, heckaus and other Shedy practices, than one engages in egoistic endeavors, the more one will experience within oneself a river of peace, faith, security, and devotion which will eventually overflow and wash away all ego based emotions from one’s personality. This is the victory of Heru over Set within our personality.”

While the above described the spiritual process to be undergone by a spiritual aspirant it is important to remember that nothing can progress without positive will to apply the teachings and practices. Indeed, there needs to be understanding and that increases with increasing levels of higher truths and inner discoveries made. Those truths and discoveries need to resolve and release complexes formed through many lifetimes of ignorance and delusions. Otherwise there can be as much philosophical understanding as can be desired but the lack of resolution of negative past aryu (sum-total effects of past actions and feelings) will thwart the positive movement. Hence, we note the numbers of aspirants with understanding who remain unable to let go of worldly interests or desires.

““Pain and suffering is a product of not living a life in harmony with Maat and an awareness of one’s true essence.”

Indeed, all pain and suffering is born of egoism due to spiritual ignorance founded in the presence of unresolved negative aryu. However, there are different levels of pain, physical, mental, soulful. So, when most people think of relieving pain they focus on physical or psychological but there is also soul pain, the heartache of feeling loss or disconnection from the source of Spirit Being, God, the Supreme, etc. If that soul pain persists there will be virtually interminable psychological and physical pain through many lifetimes. On the other hand, even if physical pain is removed the mental pain can persist even as the soul pain subsides. This is due to the manner in which aryu is processed. Even if one is through with soul pain by becoming enlightened, the mind and body continue to operate in the world based on past aryu that brought one to the current place in life which may continue despite the soul enlightenment. Therefore, the real pain to be removed is soul pain and the rest will work itself out in time in accordance with the capacity of relinquishment of past aryu and the capacity to rearrange life to be more in harmony with the soul attainment.

Very well