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Welcome to the program.
The answers provided are positive and you may keep these as foundational knowledge about the Kemetic Tradition you are starting to study.

This course itself is an initiation and it affords the capacity of officially becoming what is referred to as “shems” or follower of the spiritual tradition.

The Kemetic/Neterian spiritual tradition does not have a similar concept to a Guru as it is thought of in India. The Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt did not function as gurus. Rather, they are teachers, guides, and models of spiritual practice and advancing progressive spiritual movement that an aspirant should shems.

This program is designed to allow us to interact with you in a thoughtful, individual as well as group setting.

You should take advantage of reading the other responses to other students in the forum, particularly those related to whatever current lesson post you are working on so you may gain further benefit from those interactions that are covering the topics you are currently working on at any given time. For example, if you are working on Lesson 1 look at the other responses to other students working on lesson 1. Keep in mind that this forum is open while there are past forums that are closed to new posts but are still available for reading and study purposes.

Keep in mind that as you progress through the lessons your understanding about the teachings will change, deepen and become more refined. Therefore, try to be regular with the time spend on the teachings, allowing the work to be continuous so that you will be able to build on what you are receiving.

Any questions or issues let us know.

The feedback you will receive will usually contain an image that directly or indirectly relates to the feeling and energy imparted in the feedback that should be looked at before reading or listening to the feedback.


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