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This feedback will be in summary as we have covered some of these areas previously but perhaps in a context not fully explored yet.

An aspirant should not seek to do anything 1000%. Why? Because that is a fanciful notion of what it means to fully follow or become something. Therefore, all that is needed is 100% from a devotional and conceptual foundation bases. But really, according to the scales of Maat, all that is needed is 51%. The 1% tips one over into the realm beyond the grasp of goddess Ammit and into the realm where Asar, the soul may be fully (100% discovered. So it is not necessary to entertain impossible concepts when the simple ones will suffices and not lead to fanciful notions that distract the mind.

Being the slave means being that which is dependent on something else, not by force or by delusion but because it is true. The term Hemu (priests and priestesses) also means slave. And also means majesty and also means seer. The hemu are slaves to that which is true (the Absolute) and not what is transient and illusory (Set). Giving oneself fully is making that the honest-not lip service-priority of life and putting that ahead of all other notions and supposed responsibilities the world and the ego try to fool one into pursuing and upholding.

In this context, practicing the teaching to achieve enlightenment is like striving to be like the sun. One should not strive to be like the sun to “get paid” – but who does not admire and praise the sun? The sun does not ask or seek praise, yet it is the most laudable thing around. Therefore one should seek to be like the sun in thoughts, words and deeds and that is being true to oneself. If that being true is following the teaching it means sharing also like the sun and sharing without expectation of appreciation or payment but realizing that truly being like the sun will inevitably be appreciated if there is true sun-like being. Therefore strive to be like the sun and discover the Shining Spirit Being (Akhu) within and allow the personality to share that and also allow the world to experience the warmth and support that living fire the best way it can. At the same time the sun shares freely does not demand tributes but if people want to make use of the sun they need to bask in it. If they want to make use of electricity they have to work to make instruments that will collect the suns power. So too, like the proverbial “Blind Harper”, make yourself a reflection of shining spirit, not seeing the egoism of the world of the senses, and seek to shine on while striving to find ways to reduce expenses and facilitate the shining so others may have the best opportunity to reciprocate by appreciating and supporting your sun-like essence. In this way, the alloyed spirit and ego are separated and the pure, fine gold (as discussed in the Temple of Asar) of Spirit is discovered.