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Very good.
Some further refinements:

While the statement is true that an important objective of life is remaining calm, the calmness occurs to the degree that aryu of agitation and delusion has been cleansed from the unconscious. So, in the beginning calmness can be imposed by force but when the force is removed the agitation comes right back. To have permanent progress towards calmness of mind and personality it is necessary to work on improving the content of the unconscious by promoting positive aryu while suppressing and resolving negative.

An interesting statement that sounds like a KOAN: “Human Beings are not the real problem. It is Being Human that is the cause of Earth’s Troubles.”

In the context of the temple teaching indeed a Royal Personality can be an enlightened personality but just as in India an enlightened person can be considered as a Yogi while a beginning aspirant is also considered a “Yogi”, so too in the context of the Temple of Asar and others, the RP is the enlightened person but also one who engages on the Royal Path to enlightenment such as those who engage the progressive wisdom of the temple stages of westward expansion towards Nehast.