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In consideration of the term ‘Utjez’, the context is also of “sifting” as if, for example, there is a bucket of water and something, perhaps a ring or amulet of value, has fallen in. One must reach in, and feel around, and grab it and “lift” it up and out of the water. In this analogy the water is Ra and the jewel is the discovery of self-knowledge. In this context, therefore, the Lady reaches in, searches and finds and then emerges as a goddess with the title of “knower”- thus the knowingness has been “lifted” out of the ocean of Ra which is Creation itself. Within that Creation there is the knowledge of Self and in the analogy the knowledge of self is the realization of the identity of Neter-Neterty, the new source of Ra that is within and beyond the Nun (ocean/Creation) of Ra (Creator Spirit).