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An apt observation. It is always interesting to hear of one’s personality being referred to in the second or third person. These comments are much appreciated. Dua

Indeed, by the time the trip reached the end of the last week Sebai MAA was already recording discourses for the book that would later be transcribed by Temple of Aset Initiate Baket. Sebai started working on the book weeks earlier and was in Argentina for 3 weeks and the recording process was started the second week of the trip. Yet, even if that process had not been engaged there are limits to teacher disciple interactions based on the aryu of all involved.

For example, in a different aryu environment all participants might have traveled together on the same plane, stay at same hotels, rent same cars, etc., etc. Under the current aryu that was not indicated. Yet, other possibilities could manifest in the future, which this trip could serve to forge by building a different content of aryu.

Nevertheless, even if Sebai were to be considered as a paragon of a spiritual ideal, the objective to be remembered always is that as an aspirant one should not look up to the ideal as a unique achievement that is to be copied directly for not even ideal personalities are the same; the aspirant is to emulate the way of thinking, feeling and ultimately being that is based on the model but realized through the unique manifestation allowed from the Spirit and aryu of their own. If this is the case then there cannot be allowed a worship of any ideal, even of the gods or goddesses; for even the gods and goddesses are concepts, just as living breathing personalities, sages, saints, parents, children, teachers, etc., are all fleeting illusory manifestations -to the aspirant-of the perfect abiding Spirit that is already within the aspirant.

If we examine Lady Aset and Goddess Aset we see caring in both and love and desire for the wellbeing of all but we do not see pathological attachment, deluded codependent attachments, or misunderstanding respect for Ra with ignorant worship that keeps his illusion going.