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Bastu Akhu

Temple of Aset
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Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?


The hieroglyphic term that was most captivating to me in this lesson is ‘Utjez’. Utjez means raised and it has a special meaning as it relates to the scripture of Ra and Aset, it means that Aset have achieved her goal of attaining Ra’s real name, the essence of all have been lifted out of the body of Ra, out of creation. It was captivating to me for a number of reasons. Firstly as Sebai says, creation is everywhere so the essence/name/knowing can be ‘utjez’ at any time. However, to achieve this requires a certain intense inquire because it cannot be spoken. Aset’s intense investigation into idea of Ra and eventually moving into studying the nature of Ra making this the only focus of her attention was the way this was accomplished. Secondly, it was captivating to me because based of the “Disciplines of the Temple of Aset” by initiate Plutach this is what the Goddess promises that I could achieve also if I follow her path;

“The end and aim of all these toils and labors is the attainment of the knowledge of the First and Chief Being, who alone is the object of the understanding of mind; and this knowledge the goddess invites us to seek after, as being near and dwelling continually with her. And this also is what the very name of her temple promiseth us, that is to say, the knowledge and understanding of the eternal and self-existent Being.”

Thirdly, further down in the scripture ‘Utjez’ is used again to inform us that the poison has also been lifted so this means the task of the taffy shepsy has been accomplished so there is no more need for one-pointedness, antet begag, an chen, khak ab, dispassion, teachings etc. basically there is nothing to ‘poison’ because the experience is now only the essence of Ra, its just Being- duality has been dissolved. This was more than captivating, it was heartwarming and again my admiration for Goddess Aset to show us the way to achieve Nehast gave me a feeling of much Mer and Dua.

Shems Akhu