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Bastu Akhu

I want to add to the above regarding my spiritual preceptor Sebai Maa and how emulating him is also emulating the Goddess. Though I always seek to observe him ? I had the privilege of being able to observe him “in the world” on the trip to Argentina and made a few notes on how he handled the world illusions including us aspirants that were on the trip. Though he engaged us at times I noticed he had a “flow” that could have been interpreted as boundaries. He allowed time with us (quality time, khnum nefer) , he was very peaceful and patient(sagely ?) but then there came a time when he announced his departure even though we would have liked to have had him remain with us feeding our ka’s , I gathered there was a focus on getting back to the divine work of finishing the book of Asar. It didn’t seem forced as much as it was a ‘flow’ as the engagement with us was also divine (khnum nefer). I however appreciated what I perceived of as a lesson that all in time and space is an illusory manifestation of Ra and that true “facetime” is the time spent with seeking and experiencing true essence of the divine, knowledge of self. But also how easy you can get caught up and pulled into the illusion because most of the world is Amystical and thus not seeking their divine nature so hence not khnum nefer but engagement and reinforcement(feeding) of egos. So one has to practice an chen, not stopping, not taking a break to engage in the delusions.

Shems Akhu