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Kemetic 101 Lesson 9

Name the process in the practice of Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom

The processes in the practice of Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom include the following:
Listening to the wisdom teachings on the nature of reality (creation) and the nature of the self. There is increasing understanding of what is truth vs. untruth, real vs. illusory.
Reflection on these teachings incorporating them into daily life. Reflection implies discovering the oneness behind the multiplicity of the world by engaging in intense inquiry into the nature of one’s true self.
Meditation (Uaa) on the meaning of the teachings. Reflection leads to a state in which the mind is continuously introspective. It means expansion in consciousness culminating in revelation of and identification with Higher or Absolute self.

How should the spiritual aspirant think about ego based feelings and how does the action path affect them as an aspirant transforms through time.
The spiritual aspirant should approach ego based feelings by acting according to the teachings of mystical wisdom (Maat); this keeps the mind on thoughts that are uplifting which serves to calm the mind and redirecting thought patterns away from dwelling on mental complexes (worries) in order to allow the mind to integrate its higher desire to overcome the difficulties through personality integration.

Mental complexes will intensify rather than resolve if dwelled upon constantly.
When the clouds of egoism are no longer there such as during sleep or that which is achieved by an advanced practitioner of yoga, the rays of the self can shine through and illuminate one’s consciousness with Hetep. As we proceed on the path we will experience an increased sensitivity to the voice of wisdom within. This is the voice which repeats a heckau, mantra, or prayer and which reflects on the nature of one’s true essence when the ego wants to tie the mind us with worries and imaginations. The voice may be heard to say “I am fearless”, “I have all the resources within me to withstand and rise above any situation”. “Even this seemingly impossible situation is in line with me attaining enlightenment and it too, like the clouds in the sky blocking the rays of the sun, will pass away.

The more one listens to one’s inner voice and engage in prayer, heckaus and other Shedy practices, than one engages in egoistic endeavors, the more one will experience within oneself a river of peace, faith, security, and devotion which will eventually overflow and wash away all ego based emotions from one’s personality. This is the victory of Heru over Set within our personality.

If you do not learn the spiritual lessons that the situation is here to teach you, what happens?
If we do not take personal responsibility for ourselves then we will never find what may be in error in our thought processes that predisposes us to the experiences we have. If we do not learn from the lessons situations are here to teach us, we are setting ourselves up to have the experience repeat itself again. Each situation provides us with the opportunity to practice and secure spiritual qualities such as patience, dispassion, equanimity, detachment, universal love, freedom from resentment when persecuted. “Pain and suffering is a product of not living a life in harmony with Maat and an awareness of one’s true essence.

In acting and moving like the gods and goddesses one can do what?
In acting and moving like the gods and goddesses one can discover their character, energy, and divine agency within one’s consciousness and thereby become one with the divine self.

Yoga postures did not begin in India but in ancient Egypt

In Modern times, most practitioners of Indian Hatha Yoga see it as a means to attain physical health only rather than grounding the practice in myth a that is the basis for the spiritual component of the practice.
Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in recreational activities,

The Stagnation of the flow of energy through the body has what effect?
This stagnation of the flow of energy in the body has the effect of grounding one’s consciousness to the physical realities rather than allowing the mind and the body to operate with lightness and subtlety.

The Kemetic term “Uaa” means MEDITATION
How should a spiritual aspirant think about their capacity to control “Externalized consciousness” and their ability to rise above the conditioning of the past?

To be able to control “Externalized consciousness” and rise above the conditioning of the past, spiritual aspirants should, use meditation and other disciplines of yoga, to reverse the flow of consciousness on itself so that so that the mind acts as a mirror which reveals the true self. Meditation gives spiritual aspirants, experiential knowledge of their true selves Aspirants should aspire to sublimate the karmic energies responsible for grounding them in the physical dimension of self, transforming these energies into the desire for enlightenment and seeing oneself in terms of one’s spiritual essence.

Those who live in an externalized state of mind are not aware of the source of CONSCIOUSNESS