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Arit Neter S

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past tense: alloyed; past participle: alloyed
mix (metals) to make an alloy.”alloying tin with copper to make bronze”

debase (something) by adding something inferior.

“what would it be like if that ability to be chantress were honed and purified, not alloyed?”

To be the only person that can benefit from the sounds seems very selfish and just weird. However, that’s the most problematic aspect of the process! LOL!! So, life would be simplified, stressless, however, would not feel authentic, because as a healer, teacher and musician, without the client/student/fan/audience, what would be left? Being Enlightened, in a cave.

Besides sharing, there would be no concerns, would be free to go and find employment elsewhere. This type of lifestyle could lead to plenty of time for yoga and meditation, finances to travel freely, to tours, classes and conferences. However, at this moment, sounds very boring and like a meaningless existence.

How can it happen amidst he struggles of life? By surrendering and trusting the process, 1000%. That is the only way it can work. That is the only way anything actually works.

If the highest is to reach the heights, the wisdom of the teachings, then what would life look like? feel like? to give up a freedom that falls short in the physical world, in order to attain true and eternal liberation in the spiritual world. Is this what is meant by being a slave to the Divine?

non-alloyed perspective of thought word and deed.

to focus on the wisdom of the teachings, with no interaction with others. will reflect on this, but my airyu is already rejecting this notion.
If one is able to relinquish the “desire” to share, to help others, the “need” for food, clothes, shelter, and companionship, then all that remains is Nehast. What is the need for Life without the necessary appreciation for the struggle? Once it is possible to Be Enlightened in every moment, in every situation? If not here to assist others, not here to express, to share experiences, then????? Of course, no one else can answer this question for the aspirant, that IS the question! LOL!!

Shems Arit Neter S Mery Maati