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Arit Neter S

response to post 8676 Shems Heryt

“fit what is practical into the teachings.” this is similar to what was just stated a moment ago, a complete flip in values and perceptions, like from horizontal to vertical, 90 degrees, or even 180 degrees, will attempt.

“transcend mundane. move beyond limitations of physical world” has anyone in this practice achieved this state of existence, which is spoken of so highly,

here is the walking the walk talking the talk. why is this so important to certain individuals, and others are fine with doing what they can, not even trying to walk or talk, they are just living their lives. and yet others are looking to do and to be more.

perhaps the best way to express is seeking the Post Nehast life: can this be equated with seeking the way to Nehast? The Royal Life. If one can imagine what it feels like, can be easier to actually live there. Being Enlightened would necessitate a particular vibration of existence. A life that is an implication of Nehast. However, the only way to achieve this is by way of Nehast. trust the feelings, visions, are true, and use them to trust the process and be enlightened. live as an enlightened being.not someone that is Being Human.

“what I am, not what I do” is a line borrowed or that originated from Sebai. When compiling these “poetic reflections” I take extensive detailed notes from each video, then add an impression in rhyme. Was attempting to explore this concept in this segment. Initially, I had it the other way around, “not what I am it is what I do.”

Dua. Still having a difficult time understanding this.

Will start chanting Djed n-a Ren-a k until there are no more illusions.