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Arit Neter S

Response to Sebai’s post #8710

Indeed, since the time of the posting, mindset has shifted towards trusting. I would say at about 70%

What is the difference between walking the walk and talking the talk?
one is the actualization of a thing or a lifestyle, or a concept. The other is potentially speaking it into existence, but usually wasted potential used to project an image, rather than a reality.
what does it mean to rely on spirit for sustenance: fully trusting, knowing its feeling, Saa, that the Divine is the Source of All There Is. Nothing else. To rely fully that all is well and as it must be, a it is. FLOW. To Be In The Flow. One can only change the future, by changing thoughts, words and actions. cannot change the past, so focus on what is wanted, not what was or what was once wanted.
Does it mean living on air and disregarding calories? I think that it means no attachment to outcome. However, we are attached to maintaining certain levels of existence while on earth.

Perhaps it is only the ego that is worried about the outcomes of these efforts and situations. To fully trust and surrender means to leave all desires behind in the dust. it’s as if it is more important to determine what is willing to be done, to do what one must, in order to maintain a level of awareness so that one can be enlightened in every moment, rather than how to thrive so that one can attend a lecture or a yoga class. so that one has “the privilege, the luxury” of spending 30 minutes a day on meditation. a total flip of values and priorities, but flipped too quickly can cause more problems than the delusion itself!

silence does not pay the bills. but where do the bills come from anyway??? perhaps that can be faced within the depths of the silence.

Dua. Hetep.