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Arit Neter S

response to Shems Heryt Post 8761

Udja Shems Heryt, you are correct the latter posts were very much about learning how to integrate the teachings into my daily life. Since that time, the lesson has been about what it feels like to Fully Trust and Surrender.

“Nehast is not goal but a birthright”
“remove the ignorance that fetters us to the world,
>>> lack, sense of separation, loss violation and trauma from past experiences. identify fractal pattern with one pointed focus, and Nehast will follow”
This is felt intellectually. At this phase, we anticipate that this either will manifest in physical realm, or it won’t. Either way, trusting that the current phase of discomfort will pass. And, that another will arise. Still working on trusting that the life of this aspirant will be sustained in a manner of which a certain level of freedom can also be sustained. This is the source/cause of ignorance at this moment.

The aspirant has chosen to pursue a balance of practical realty and spiritual reality. Perhaps it is wrong to attempt to combine them. Certainly cannot choose one over the other. At this point, one can say is that I will continue to study these teachings.And continue to learn how to apply them, not just have them memorized. In Japanese Buddhism, there is a phrase, “actual proof”. There have been many breakthroughs from this class already, however this one, not pursuing practical reality, and focus totally on Being Enlightened and Trusting, is a bit of a stretch. I can see it off in the distance, can almost imagine how it will feel. and yet, must still pursue things that are considered worldly.

Yes, Herufy. There was some autocorrect going in there, and I could not recall the actual term. Dua.
“When Ego dies, we truly live.” Was referring to attachments and judgements of the lower nature.
Needed more punctuation marks.
I thought the image represented the internal struggle or conflict, to win over Set, or Tame Set. Not that they work together to defeat Apep. That when we win the battle, we defeat Apep.

What is the antidote? purification of the ego?

Dua for the clarification. I can see now that I am having trouble trusting the process, that there is an antidote that will work.

Dua Shems Heryt