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Arit Neter S

responses to the video, post 8715

Be Enlightened NOW, in every moment.There is no duality in Enlightenment. No Goal.
Enlightenment is the Purpose of Life, but it is not the Goal. Like in a Soccer game: can have many goals, yet still lose the game. The Purpose of the Game is to have fun, exercise, socializing. The Goal is to win the game.

In life, enlightenment is the purpose. One of the goals is to learn how to remain calm when facing adversity.

Time and Space can have dual values and goals, but not Nehast.

Another goal is to clear away all delusion. once delusion is removed, Nehast is what remains.
Goals exist only in the realm of time and space.
the attainment of Nehast has worldly and spiritual implications.
How to respond to conflict and adversity is the number one priority.

The Content of the Mind is the Ariyu.
Human Beings are not the real problem. It is Being Human that is the cause of Earth’s Troubles. The Heart and the Collective Ariyu.

The Royal Personality is the Enlightened Personality.
When empowered, and when we remain Seated, we can choose to remain silent or respond with calmness and Maat Ari. When we forget our Divinity, we tend to react with fetters of Set, with desperation and fear.

Dua for making these clarifications known.