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Introduction into egyptian yoga and neterian spirituality workbook. Pg. 10-20

1).What was the relationship between the Egyptian and Ethiopians?
Ethiopia, Nubia, Kush and Sudan all refer to the “land of the Blacks” or “Black land”. Egypt also means “Black land” or “land of the Blacks”. Also the hieroglyphs reveals ancient Egyptians word for Qamit is the equivalent to the word Kush, they both relate to “black land”. Kush is the land of the blacks in the south and Qamit is the land of the blacks in the north.
2.) Topic #3 who were the ancient Egyptians?
A colony of Ethiopia from the south who came to the north east part of Africa.
3.) Topic #4 What is Yoga Philosophy?
Egyptian Religion is a way of making union of the individual soul with the universal soul or supreme consciousness.
4.) What is the initiatic why of Education?
A mystical spirituality that has traditionally passed on through the teacher/student relationship this system of education is integral to the study of transpersonal disciplines.
5.) Topic #6 What is initiation? Initiation is more of an embarking on a journey of purifying the mind and body which leads to spiritual transcendence.
6.) How does the kemetic Yoga counselor help the seeker?
The Guru/student relationship and initiatic way of education are important for the aspiring student, also the aspirant needs coaching and practice in order to attain mastery over the lower nature.
7.) how should a beginning spiritual aspirant think about the different levels of aspirants?
1). Aspiration- Awakening of the spiritual self
2). Striving- Purgation of the self
3). Established- illumination of the intellect