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In Sebai Maa’s lecture, presented on location in Abdu or Abydos, the Royal Personality—in this scene Rameses II who symbolizes the Royal Person within each of us—is being exalted by the Gods and recognized for His Spiritual victory. It is written:

“Nesu Bity User-Maat-Ra setep n Ra.”

This is translated as:

“(To) Ruler (Power over) of Upper and Lower Egypt, Power of Righteousness and chosen of Ra (Spirit).”

What I interpret this to mean is that the Royal Person has defeated the enemies of Asar, namely the egotistical natures within, and attained Ruler ship over the lower self through Devotion and Righteous action (Maat Ari), thus uniting the lower self to the Upper, Higher Self. In other words the RP has become “Lord of the Two Lands,” “Chosen One of Ra,” who, as stated in the lecture, is symbolic of the Spirit. The RP is in the presence of Asar, Ra, Ptah and Djehuty. We are to understand that these Divinities are all aspects of each other, or various parts of the One Divine Personality, which the RP wants to emulate. Each of us, as initiates, must also strive to emulate these Divine personalities as well.

It is Ra ( Spirit) that presents the RP with the “Crook” (Heka) and “Flail” (Nekaku), representing princeliness and royal legitimacy, as well as self discipline and command. Symbolically, this means that when we turn towards the Spirit and away from the ego, the Spirit will reward us with the rightful symbols of Royal office and Divine Ruler ship. This deed is recorded by Ptah who writes on the leaves of the Tree of Life. I recognize Ptah as part of the Trinity with Amun (Witnessing Consciousness), Ra (Mind—an aspect of Spirit) and, of course, Ptah (Physical Universe). As such, Ptah is recording the Life deeds (Ari) of the RP, in this case, as receptor of the Crook and Flail in honor of Spiritual Valor (Khent).

Lord Djehuty is present, representing “Cosmic Mind” and “Intellect.” Sebai Maa states in his lecture that it is this Cosmic Intellect that does the “reckoning” and restores the Eye, symbolizing the Akhu or Divine Consciousness. Djehuty restored the broken Eye of Heru with His chants which healed the Eye that was fragmented by Set (ego). This indicates that through chanting hekau we heal our fragmented soul to become an Akhu—Enlightened being.

Asar looks on in silence, observing the RP but not really interacting in this portico section of the Temple. The hieroglyphic writing in reference to Asar reads:

“Asar Neb Abdu Qen(t) Neb.”


“Osiris Lord of Abydos and all Valor and Spiritual strength for the spiritual battle.”

The RP has earned the right to be in the presence of Asar by defeating the enemies outside and delivering them to the Temple, but must go deeper into the Temple to experience Asar. This means the Soul awaits and beckons us to our Resurrection.


Shems Heryt