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Bastu Baket

Temple of Asar Lesson 4 Assignment


Since I was away for the last meeting I’ve been trying to catch up with the Webinar Video, and lessons.

First Dua Sebai Maa for the Webinar for April meeting where the intro to the new book was discussed this will be such a great asset for all who are on this spiritual path. It is extensive and comprehensive in scope and utilizes different media to penetrate and inform on various levels. Dua also for elucidating on some of the details of some of the panels especially Panel 16A & B where a more extensive study of Ra was brought out. Indeed this brought a more profound understanding of what this implies. Also explaining the actual movement throughout the Temple from East to West – Dissolution movement and from South to North as “not really Creative movement but transformational movement.” Dua for all the work that is being done and I look forward to having the book to also enrich the experience of being on the Initiatic Trip to KMT in 2017.

VIDEO ASSIGNMENT: Initiatic Stop #5 w/ Ra-Hrakty

Previously we received the teachings of the translation of the panel of Seti presenting the prisoners (enemies of Asar i.e. anger, hatred, greed etc.) to the God Amun. Within this video Sebai Maa shares in detail this panel which contained 4 Divinities ( Asar, Ra Hrakty, Ptah, and Djehuty) along with the Royal Personality in the form of Seti Ua. These 4 different Divine representations are aspects of the same One and they award the Royal Personality the royal scepters of the Heka (crook) and Nekaku (flail). So due to the Maatian work you previously exhibited you are now receiving these emblems of Asar for you have accomplished an important step along your spiritual journey and an acknowledgement of that is being presented. Not for ego pride but as an advancement toward your spiritual goal and continued efforts are necessary as the progression of examples of the efforts are given to us in the Temple to attain that ultimate goal.

READING Assignment Pgs. 81-93 Verses 14-30 Gloss on pg. 226

This begins with Asar traveling the world and leaving the teachings and wisdom wherever he traveled. Also it deals with the murder of Asar. I found it interesting that Set had the exact measurements of Asar as only ego would know the exact measurements of ones’ own body.

The Tamarisk tree in which Asar grew into was interesting as upon research I found some images but also data that this tree grows mostly in desert areas and can withstand drought. This feature allowed me to reflect on the drought, as the many incarnations of existence in drought to finally have been allowed the capacity to slake the thirst with these teachings.

Shems Baket