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Level 1 Lesson 8 Kemet Reading Assignment pp. 91-106

The teachings of the Aton Tradition are related to the Neter Aton and its main exponent was the sage king Akhnaton. This temple espoused the teachings of creation, human origins, and the path to spiritual enlightenment by means of the Supreme Being in the form of the God Aton. It tells of how Aton with its dynamic life force created and sustains creation.

Akhus are enlightened beings who have learned the ways of the Neteru, emulating them and becoming like them. In doing so, one will have discovered their life’s purpose of coming to know one’s divine self. The goal of the Neterian religion is therefore to discover the meaning of “Who am I? and in so doing experiencing the great awakening or NEHAST.

• How the spiritual aspirant think about the diet of the initiates as should espoused by the temple of asset and is it a realistic goal to be achieved?
The spiritual aspirant should be mindful of the purpose of the diet which is ultimately for purifying oneself in order to achieve a state of “holiness”, thus becoming one with the Goddess Aset and in so doing partaking of her wisdom (Aset means knowledge and wisdom). The doctrine regarding diet, the initiate must realize, is an expression of this divine wisdom. The initiate must also realize that the purification resulting from the special diet of the initiate, helps in overcoming such Sethian qualities as pride and ignorance. The initiate must also realize that this special diet is all encompassing and goes beyond food and includes anything that indulges ones carnal appetite. In living such a temperate life one will eventually experience knowledge of the divine. THIS IS A RTEALISTIC GOAL TO ACHIEVE SINCE WE ALL HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO KNOW THE DIVINE.

• You can have an opinion about what it is like to be a WHALE but you would never exactly know until you become one with it.
This knowing of the Neter (God) is the Goal of all spiritual practices. To do so, one must engage in self –inquiry in addressing the question, “Who am I?” “How am I related to God?” eventually lifting the veil that covers the divine, immortal essesnce. To so also requires one to engage in purification practices that makes one acceptable to the Neter (Aset). Such practices include diet whereby one abstains from various non vegetarian (flesh) foods.

• This state of mind renders the individual incapable of “concentration” on significant worldly or high spiritual achievements. Such lack of concentration is a consequence if having a carnal appetite particularly as this involves engaging in sexual activity. Such activity 1) intensifies the physical experience of embodiment and distracts the mind by creating impressions in the subconscious which will produce future cravings and desires and 2) prevents one from being able to control the sexual life force energy, which can then be directed towards higher mental and spiritual achievement.

• “Physical weight is like a physical object which is possessed”-
The more you have, the more you try to hold unto, the more stress you have trying to enjoy and hold unto “things”. Desires of the body have a grounding effect on the soul because they engender the desire to experience the physical pleasure of consuming food. Desires of the body as well as strong emotions such as hate, greed etc., have the effect of rendering the rendering the mind insensitive to spirituality…….temptation of food is related to the first energy center and a force which needs to be controlled.

• The key to advancement in any area is steady, balanced practice
…..balance between the practical life and the spiritual. In this way spiritual advancement occurs in an integral fashion. All areas must be mastered, secular as well as well as non-secular in order to transcend the worldly processes (illusion of time and space and the Ego self)………..the body is an instrument which you have created through your thoughts to allow you to pursue the goal of enlightenment.

• If your family members are not interested or do not understand what you are trying to do, what should you do? Do not debate with them as this will weaken the mind. Instead, trust in the divine self who knows past, present, and future and who manifests as Nature to lead others on the path.

• Once you have established a schedule of minimal time to devote to practice, what should you do?
Keep to your schedule if at all possible even if it means only doing 5-10 minutes of meditation every day. By keeping a disciplined schedule one is able to control one’s time and life. As one finds glory in spiritual practice one will expand one’s practice. Ultimately one aspires to create a lifestyle that is entirely spiritualized which means every action in based on the wisdom teachings of Maat.
One you start your spiritual practice with a) deep breathing (10 minutes in AM and PM b) Prayer (10-30 minutes in AM and PM) c) Exercise (10 minutes in AM and PM and d) meditation (10 Minutes in AM)
The minimum time for meditation is 5-10 minutes

• Name the process in the Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom. In the temple of Aset (Isis), in ancient Egypt the discipline of the Yoga of Wsisdom is imparted in three stages:
1) Listening to the wisdom teachings on the nature of reality (creation) and the nature of the self.
2) Reflection-on those teachings and incorporating them into your daily life
3) Meditation-on the meaning of the teachings