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“The Work the Lady is doing with her hands, creating Something that will lead to Nehast
Something that will Open the Personality of Ra
The Sacred Serpent, that will work fast.”

The work of the serpent goddesses entails much subtlety and care with physiology and psychic energies. Therefore, it should neither be hurried nor rushed and if occurs fast has a greater propensity for physical imbalance and psychic/psychological disturbance.
Therefore, they can be invoked directly through a direct SP meditation discipline or indirectly through the general shedy practice. So they should not be expected to do their work fast and there should be patience and reverence for their work as it occurs in an integral and balanced fashion. The Serpent Power discipline is a process of cleansing aryu and dissolving duality which require deliberate and extensive integration of the elements of the personality, feelings, intellectual understanding and personality abatement.