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Bastu Baket

Reply to Shems Arit Neter S Post #8654, Sebai Maa’s Video Post #8715 of April Discussion Meeting.

Udja All,

Dua Shems Arit Neter S for your artful prose which also included images, diagrams and hekau and for Sebai Maa and Seba Dja bringing further discussion and clarity on some of the points that were raised. In viewing and listening to the video recording of the meeting Sebai Maa assigned the alumni with sharing their understanding having now completed the course.

Recently, I watched a documentary with my grandchildren of a woodworker creating a bowl from a log. I drew a correlation with this post to that program in the sense that the artisan used many different chisels and tools to create his Nefer bowl. I feel the progression of Shems Arit with this course is similar. With each lesson a new chisel (mench) is used to carve out another section, honing, smoothing, perfecting it. As it has been shared in one of the lessons the artist can see the beautiful work of art within the piece of marble or wood, it is already there. Just using the correct chisel to allow it to be “unveiled” is what is necessary to reach that perfection.

I appreciate her relentless pursuit of wanting to complete this course and one of those key elements is staying close to the Goddess using that Antet-Begag and An Chen. Staying close to the Goddess with an authentic teaching and teacher is most important also. Therefore I also appreciate the feedback we receive from Sebai Maa and Seba Dja to hone our understanding in the purest sense, by “Not giving Set or Apep any quarter” as Sebai Maa suggested. We all continue to learn, grow and understand who we truly are through the proper tools. Maybe a hatchet at first, then a sharp chisel, then a curved chisel, then sanding and polishing till our perfected Self is revealed. This perfection comes from not only staying close to Goddess Aset but from truly understanding the process she experiences by experiencing it yourself. She showed us the way and shared it with us.

Being a member of this course has been a journey of Self discovery. It is not an easy task we have to employ the techniques she laid out for us with precise accuracy.

May all of us discover the Neter An Ren.
Shems Baket