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“Opportunities to share Teachings,feelings and experiences, through Music that can lead one to Nehast, with others, 
to “push” us all towards Nehast.
The Waves are all the Tasks that must be done, and all of the interesting personalities of the Divine, that cause interference, distractions, agitation, and so, just Sail On towards the Beautiful West. The numerous heartaches along the way, awaiting the Rainbow after the Storm.
No longer embarrassed when others hear this music, the music of this journey, the music of this soul.
May All move towards enlightenment when this music is heard and shared. when this music is loved.
This is from a meditative process/journey/visualization that occurred recently.”


Using the history of music ability…
What would it be like if that ability to be chantress were honed and purified, not alloyed?
What concerns would there be besides sharing?
One of the most important engines of spiritual progress is sharing knowledge and the wisdom of the teaching is the highest.
What if the highest were to reach its heights?
How can that happen amidst the struggles of life? One ingredient to the answer is seeking a non-alloyed perspective of thought, word and deed. What does this mean in an individual’s case is to be worked out even if the principle is universal.