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From the temple of Aset-Sebek supports the body of Asar and caries it on the journey back to Kemet (the sacred land-the goal of life)


This post continues a philosophical theme through a poetic style. In this post there is some weaving in and out of philosophy into reversion to themes broached in recent posts related to finding a way forward for handling day to day living expenses and handling relations with musical capacities of expression and the realities of the music business amidst the ideal of discovering the meaning and goal of life.

Indeed, one of the big challenges in most people’s lives is handling the issue of day to day sustenance while also finding a way to take care of the practical realities of life while making sense and resolving past aryu issues and at the same time trying not to compromise the higher goals of life.

In such a struggle there are ups and downs, friends that are discovered to be not as friendly as one thought, parents that might not have been ready for parenting, children that became lost and one could never reach them in certain venues, the prospect of growing older and seeing one’s life slip away with ever more speed, the realization that the ideals of childhood have turned into the realities of weak will or forced submission to overarching cultural paradigms based on mass delusions.

These and more struggles and challenges abound for all humans in different ways. Perhaps even larger delusions are encountered when one thinks one has found the answers and security in the way of finances but also in the way of meditation. For, even when the practical world seems to be alright, the spiritual practice can still be rendered ineffective through perversions of the teaching through admixtures that create toxic alloys of ego and delusions and wisdom within the self-constructed matrix of a well-intentioned spiritual life.

What is the difference between walking the walk and talking the talk? What does it mean to rely on spirit for sustenance? Does it mean living on air and disregarding calories?

Where is the love, where is the balance?
How can an aspirant find the support that meets the challenging phalanx?
Bill collectors, adulthood and spiritual ignorance.
At the head of the assembly, the self-royalty of ego.
Where is the love, where is the balance?
In college courses or home schooled valance
that covers the traumas of the past times and lives
or in sagely teachings that cannot be unfathomable?
Where is the love, where is the balance?
In ego’s warm self-affirming embrace of ignorance or in the injuries on the road of valiance?
What is the source of ideas about Prosperity Plans and chantress aspirations?
The source that supports all even before the first syllable of desire or wisdom is uttered?
Where is the love, where is the balance?
The strongest support and wisdom that comes from silence.
The silence that is there in the beginning, now and in the end.
Upon discovering which, the mind challenges can be met with one’s best friend in time and in peace.