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Arit Neter S

Impressions and Reflections Lesson 2 Webinar Lecture and Audio


Aset’s Role
Aset is the very Cause OF the Resurrection.
Catalyst, Fulcrum
Nexus upon which everything turns
the ignition to start the fire in which everything burns

Lesson 1: Purpose of the Story of the Scriptures of Ra and Aset
Lesson 2: Expansion

She causes the resurrection and redemption of Asar through Heru

The Cauldron with the Fire underneath holds the serpent of 3 1/2 turns
the serpent is raising consciousness
fire: the fire of the speech of wisdom
burning away ego
mortal identity
that is what the words of power of Aset do.
causes resurrection directly and also indirectly

intuitional wisdom resurrects the Soul
Aset resurrects Asar
mythic terms vs mythic metaphoric philosophical meaning
transpositioning of terms
Asar in the myth represents the Soul
Aset is intuitional wisdom

in lesson 1, mythic background of Asarian Resurrection
lesson 2 : mythic background of the teachings of the Temple of Aset through mythic wisdom of Aset and Ra

Myth of Aset and Ra
video of Neterian Conference 2007
glyphs for Ren Aset
everything has a who and a what
who ultimate essence
what mortal time and space manifestation

Goddess is the personification of wisdom
she is her own ultimate essence of the divine self

Aset can calm the waters of the mind
she is the healer, healing the mind
healing Asar from dismemberment

his movement is the boat that
causes creation to appear to exist

disillusionment khak ab
when ego is dying it cries out, it lashes out
the ego getting rid of the pain of its own disappearance. 
Serpents are like cold blooded animals
in the cold, they move slow, when the Sun is on them, they move fast
goal of arat sekhem is to awaken the fire within
Ra is frontman, a mask, for a deeper essence that is Divine

time and space appearance of Divinity
Ra appearing as the object of creation
causes Hekau to turn Nun into objects of Creation all composed of same stuff

to truly poison Ra, poison the illusion of creation
determined to break down the illusion with hekau and different teachings
are also the poison
Must go through the mythic wisdom, then practice meditation

if you have poisoned Ra, only you have the antidote, no one else can save him
Use Nurturing Spiritual Wisdom

Remain Close to the Goddess
physical, mental, soul way

When you have physical objects that have the Divine Energy, your mind is also introduced to the Divine Energy which then helps you to unite with Divine Energy.

When you invoke her. she will be there. exudes energy
when you have images, mind communes with them. and with their energy

Khak Ab is first step to success on Spiritual Path, then Antet Begag, relentlessly pursue it

Do NOT allow Set to win.
utter words of power, but you must know what they mean.
understanding and feeling behind it.
Then unstoppable Ra has no choice.

Integrate the teachings into worldly illusions
break the hold they have on the mental delusions

the world traps us
we are trapped and caught up by sustaining practical reality.

learn how to integrate the disciplines and wisdom in such a way that all see them all as delusions of Ra. and break them down so they no longer have any hold on the mind.
turn the tables on Ra, he will not be able to escape our wrath and fire.
He will be forced to reveal transcendental nature.

for ordinary people not ready for this insight, part of Ra’s power is the power to delude the ego.
if this power of the Hekau, Temple, Scriptures. if this power
occurs, is given over to Ra by an ignorant ego. ignorant Soul.
So, If this power of hekau, scriptures are fully understood and felt,
then that power is a way to break down the illusory powers of Ra to deceive, the illusory creation this world be.
Turning the tables around, turning the power, energy, purity of heart that allows energy of our souls, personality to be set free.

lighting fire under ones behind to awaken Serpent Power.
leading to dispassion detachment which will give focus, look at world of time and space and break through them.

Initiate of Temple of Aset will not allow the delusion or get caught up in what is needed to sustain practical reality
sublimate negativ ariyu

once you have poisoned Ra, and truth has been revealed to you, you will no longer be deceived.

Purpose is Expression of Being
But Creation has no purpose, no meaning
in order to create, accumulate new positive ariyu that will build up in one
cleanse ariyu, otherwise Ka cannot be able to carry out desires, like trying to move an entire mountain

relentlessly work through 2 things
purify ariyu that is there: like a bad thought or idea

when it is manifesting, suppress it, then allow wisdom and understanding to break it down, until illusion is revealed.
when that happens, it loses its power.

2. sublimate in a different direction ten gradually diffuse and energy will compel itself into a different direction.

–>>I would like to share a third technique that came through, obviously inspired by the lesson.

3a. when a negative thought or feeling comes up, see it as a block,
3b. on next inhalation, point the mind and direct the breath towards the divine, towards Nehast, upwards toward the crown chakra
—->> If block has been cleared, proceed to step 3e
—->> If block persists, go to step 3c and continue
3c. dissolve the block, with breathing, chanting, movement, etc
3d. on next inhalation, point the mind and direct the breath towards the divine, towards Nehast, upwards toward the crown chakra
3e. hold the breath a moment, and allow the mind to fill with cleansing purifying energy, can add a color if so desired.
3f. as you exhale, allow the energy to flow downwards towards the Earth, visualize what you want, suppress any thoughts pertaining to the block that has been eliminated. what you don’t want. with only one pointed vision towards things that will propel one towards Nehast, towards the beautiful North West. Creating with downwards movement and manifesting with exhalation.

Work to sublimate bad and transform into good. How can we get this to work in the Hood?
Purity of Heart, that’s a good start
Maa Ab and Maakheru. That would certainly do.

With the Shedy Calculator, 1000’s of chants
1000’s of opportunities of being with the teachings
Provide environment that is conducive to meditation.
Khnum Nefer, although not always a vacation.
Sometimes might even need mediation.
For the Good of All Relations

In these days and times without losing ones mind, it is crucial to live in the delusion as well as the Eternal Divine.
This is not really effective as it conflicts with the objective.

Conscious Mind and Unconscious Mind must be in sync, otherwise, it might be time to go visit a shrink.
Shedy Helps you bring them into oneness
Negative Ariyu is something one must win over when in conquest.

Audio for lesson
Shu/the Air never actually separated Sky/Nut from Earth/Geb.
everything on Earth is projecting upwards, grows upwards into Nut
The division we think we see only Appears to be Real

Penis of Geb Is the Obelisk.
Any emanation coming up from the ground is a demonstration that Geb is Around,
Shooting up into the Sky, and that Nut is also nearby.
This Union has never really stopped, an unending clock
This separation has never really taken place, in time and space
The separation never really happened. In the end, the oneness is all that remains.

Sade on Space: “Nothing CAN come between us, can pull us apart..”
because even nothing is something. this line always got to me, because of the hidden meaning.

Space came between Heaven and Earth in the Illusion, yet in Reality, still Oneness.

NebtHet: Grounding Energy
Lady of the Home the Earth
Set: Desire for Earthly Powers and Materialism
Asar the Soul of every Human Being
Aset Intuitional wisdom so you won’t forget
Heru Min Horus the Elder. The Hour of Power,

Creation occurred
the Deities already emerged
when Ra came into existence
They each have their time to enter the story
being told
which is Creation Itself!
This story is never NOT being told, it never gets old!

Coming into existence
time and space is relative
not an abiding reality, it can cause insanity
space and matter have same origin, same beginning, and same ending.
worldly knowledge is illusory because it changes, re-arranges

and it only exists in time and space, in an illusion.

existence in an illusion is non-existence, and should not be experienced.
intuitional wisdom is truly divine, existing beyond space and time.

Seer, Seen, Sight
Self, Object, Instrument of Life
Triad of Experience, I am tired of this Existence.

waking from one dream state to the next dream
“The whole period of things done on the earth is but the period of a dream” AKP

subject in a dream is not real
real solution is to wake up from the illusion

the waking state: chance to rationalize, think, reflect and work on the personality

—>> while listening to this audio, it occurred to me that getting hot flashes sometimes could be connected to relinquishing untruths, the way that menstruation cycle is about letting go of unfulfilled desires and dreams etc.

what is the use of this knowledge if you do not apply it to your own life?
AND help the people around you to apply and understand the illusoriness of all these outwardly physical things

Spittle: spirit and matter, union of opposites- oneness
fashioned into the form of a serpent

anything in the triad is an illusion. sound is also part of the illusion
it is a special part of the illusion, cuz it is leading you out of the illusion!

the essence of oneness
as you study, learn, and know the teachings, you are getting rid of those opposites
and getting an essence within you that can penetrate nature
and discover the real essence of nature
not the nature of how to stay alive, but the nature of life itself
once you saa this, true life begins

serpent goddess within that can destroy obstacles of your ego
obstacles of your triad of consciousness
obstacles of agitation, dullness
serpent of knowledge, biting in to the illusoriness of the world
a taste of eternity, so sweet

what we see is the reflection of Truth
not seeing what is, seeing only the appearance
can only truly know something when you experience oneness with it.

ASIDE: I have felt great oneness with these teachings recently, as the lessons have expressed themselves as opportunities to have certain experiences in the practical reality. The more I go over the videos, audios, and the more that I edit the notes taken, and then my answers, the more value I gain from the teachings. The words come pouring from my mouth, because they now live inside my mind.

when primeval waters return and take everything in creation back into the state of unindifferentiation
serpent killing the illusion, the illusion of the world.
killing the triad of consciousness

power of intuitional wisdom
undifferentiated opposites. put them together—>> consciousness that transcends opposites
works, art, products
Create sounds that lead us out of the illusion
this is the “only” way to do this: to go beyond time and space, get the thing, and bring it back.

in meditation, look for the sound
when improvising, look for the sound
when jamming with friends look for the sound,
when creating healing with cosmic forces, look for the sound

look for the thing that takes one out of the illusion, that kills Apep and defeats Set.
The True Hero in You is Heru.

the power of understanding that the Divine is the Power is the Creation
Since God is Power, everything we are ignorant of, the oneness, because we/Nature has power over us
need words of power to break the spell
highest words of power are within us.
the true name of ra is divine inner wisdom within us. understanding

identification of the divine
inaugurator of festivals

NebtHet looks just like Aset
physical world looks just like spiritual world
physical world holds things, gathers things, attaches things
spiritual world remains on throne, destroys illusion

with your mind can be anything you want to be
you can find, learn know anything you want to create

the fact that matter exists is a miracle
what is matter
transcend the triad, go beyond and experience