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Impressions and Reflections Lesson 2 Video 4

Video 4

Lady Aset tricked Ra by placing a Sacred Serpent on his path
So stricken, he almost died.
Why did she want to know his name?
Why did she want to transcend time and space?
Disillusioned and Disappointed,
Transcendence and Illumination Anointed

Pert: Come Forth Out of Ra
Take the Antidote, Make The Poison Come Out of Ra.

The Person who spits out the Truth, the Name, also spits out the Poison.
The Poison is Coming Forth as He Comes Forth With the Truth
The name Ra belongs to time and space. This is not the transcendental name,
not the real name of Ra.

Something transcendent beyond time and space has projected itself into time and space
Taffy Shepsy recombination of Earth and Spirit. Ra separated Nut and Geb
Bringing things into oneness, then infuse into the illusion, this is poison

an illusion that breaks up the Illusion

Ra: Sun in the Sky, is not the reality of what it appears to be
A Reality may not be True. This is nothing new, but who knew?
Creation of Illusory Opposites.
In Order to put back together and fuse into one dual reality, would pierce the veil and the true essence would reveal itself.
Come to the Teachings, ready to be poisoned, asking to have relationships poisoned
now you are really throwing out the baby with the bath water

Will aim to write spiritual music for those in the physical realm, so that when encountered, when combined will lead one to Nehast. Body and Soul.
Spirit + Earth = Taffy Shepsy. The Poison.

Mix and Dissolve into a Oneness. 
Aset and NebtHet
Body Asar, Spirit Aset
Nut Spirit Geb Earth
Body Soul, Terra Sol
Royal Spirit Worldly Earth
Temu, Heru, Hekenu

When you engender the practice, the mind becomes incredibly strong
when negative thoughts come in, flash the Eye of Ra: and it is soon gone.
and if you cannot do all that just yet, at least it neutralizes the effects,

Becoming Heru is becoming a master of Environment, of Nature,
Worship of Heru as Child, in control of forces of the Neters
Nekhen was an early city that worshipped Heru.
Nekhen Shemsu Heru

Movement of the Boat
The energy must move, one way or the other
the voice of consciousness that transcends speech
Kher Voice
Not speaking, but uttering something
Vibrations, Sound transcends physical speech
the kind of speech that you have when resolute of conscious

when you have resolute of will (based on) in higher consciousness
the kind of speech where you think of nothing else other than 
in that one direction to stop the boat of Ra
Stop the movement of the Boat, stop the movement of the mind
stop the movement of the waters of consciousness, stop the illusion of creation.

Aset’s orders have brought the movement to a halt
movement of consciousness gives form to the world of time and space
no more need of new forms, no more seeking solutions and resolution to what already is
love what is, acceptance, surrender, relinquish all desires to be burned in the immortal fire.

If you were able to have a voice of this kind, could stop the movement of Ra within your mind.
Boat of Ra sails on an ocean of consciousness
that movement gives rise to the world of time and space, containing all of us

the movement of thoughts and ideas
also expressed in the Asarian Tradition
the residence of the pillar of Asar
the place where no things exist

Kher means voice, not speech
Oar pushes water so the boat moves forward
Kher: Voice, and also, Oar, Rudder
Kher (passive) voice
Kheru (dynamic) voice

Voice: what everyone can understand, means the same in every language
Kher Shmait Voice of Singing
Voice of Thunder: Set Kheruqr

a purification occurs with the righteous movement of the world, when it is used (rowing = movement) to promote virtue, order, oneness, harmony, truth
Medu Neter Divine Speech
Medu Potential Word
Kheru Dynamic (Active) word
MaaKheru Perfected Word

If Medu Neter is mastered, then the spiritual aspirant becomes MaaKheru, true of thought, word and deed, purified in body, mind and soul

Medu Static
Kheru Dynamic
Maakheru perfected and purified

Medu is a walking stick, a support, being used as a crutch
Kheru a rudder, an oar, rowing to promote virtue, order, harmony. Maat.

Aset lifts her voice, an outcry, but not of words
Boat of millions of years and the sun disk are one and the same, and in both, Ra is Lord.

Sun is the face of Supreme Transcendental
Non Dual Heliothenistic
Stop the world with your Self, by one pointedness of the mental.

can bring waters of the life force to a coalescence into oneness
can only have movement in duality, cannot have movement in non-duality
time and space do not move, do not exist
no wave, no vibration

Shedd: to dig, excavate
Shedt: to suckle
Shedy: to study profoundly, to penetrate the Mysteries.

Devotee of Isis
one who ponders over the sacred matters and seeks therein for hidden truth

not enough to just hear or intellectually understand
must go deep within oneself to discover the subtle ideas being conveyed, to overstand

***desire the acquisition of holiness, purification ion
“May my disposition of mind be acceptable by the Goddess”

The knowledge and understanding, SAA, of the Eternal and Self-Existent Being

If we approach the temple of the Goddess rightly, we shall obtain the Knowledge of that eternal and Self Existent Being.

acquisition of holiness
Studies are now more important that rituals, appearances, etc.
in order to gain wisdom and foresight

What Set tears up, Aset puts back together.
sounds like Humpty Dumpty

Knowledge of the first chief being Neberdjer
is the object of the understanding of the mind

To Become One with the Thing Being sought is the only way to know something
This oneness can begin in one’s mind
this knowing of Neter is the goal of all spiritual practices

name of the God in the Duat or Netherworld who possess knowledge which can lead Soul to the Abode of the Divine, avoiding fiends and demoniac personalities of the Duat which lead the Soul to experience hellish conditions after death

Rekh-t means a sage or learned person
yoga can lead a person to Nehast.

“My life is not sustained by _______________.
I have a higher truth that I live by,
My Life is always at peace, a balanced peace of mind
Peace of Mind is priceless.”