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Arit Neter S

Impressions and Reflections Lesson 2 Video 3

Video 3

She creates a Sacred Serpent
Harpoon: Ua, ONE
Serpent bites Ra: One pointedness, certainess, directness
Harpoon God to reveal true name
Spittle/Spirit that spills
Earth is metaphor for mortality, temporality

Taffy Shepsy
7 Spheres of the Soul of Ra
Mixture of Eternity and Physicality, the Supreme Duality, we trip on our own fragility.
Sefech Ba Ra & Arms of Maat
Spiritual journey starts at Root Chakra, and turns one time to the next chakra.
Each soul has them individually, and Ra has them Universally.

The Souls of Ra
We all have these spheres or Souls of Consciousness. But Ra has the Universal Ones, that from which all of ours are sustained.

Rubric for Lesson 2
Know that the Pursuit of Nehast through this Lesson 2 will advance the life of the aspirant forward in ALL Ways, in Every Level for ALL Times and Every Space, By the time this lesson is completed, the aspirant will be ready for a bright future which is eternally now
and all doors and ways shall be open. All necessities will flow to the aspirant.
Required Manifestations will Spring Forth from the Divine that is within.

Balanced Scales of Maat
they are part of the Spiritual Constitution of the Psychic Body of a Human Being.
They relate to the level of consciousness that the human being is attaining

Spiritual Study, 
Creation Starts from the Transcendent coming down into creation and going down to first sphere, the Earth

Dissolution Movement begins at Heart Chakra and spins upward
leads to enlightened consciousness

Book of Djehuty also relates to Sefech Ba Ra
Before the Transcendence is the First Eye
level where a live human being is operating in world of t&s 
with higher consciousness you cannot have awareness of time and space

Arat Sekhem Serpent Power

There is much chaos in personal world of time and space that is in one’s eminent environment.
this is due to the chaos in individuated mind

with or without clouds, the oneness is all there is.
this vibration can purify chaos within and without, of this there is no doubt

Uaa>>>>> Nehast
Nehast>>>>>Solutions for t&s
Dual Consciousness Two Serpents and Asar moves forward always eternal

Manipulation of Consciousness Activates Time and Space
Manipulating principal of physicality and principal of Spirit

This Work is done in Astral Plane, within the Mind.
Physical Practices Rituals are done to direct mind towards the spiritual.
Spiritual access provides solutions to time and space confusion
Direct and mold physical nature so that one is able to work at the higher level towards higher spiritual principles and states. Remember Khnum.

Shedy disciplines molds the personality to make it a proper vessel to do works on higher spiritual plane. so that one can do this work, in such a state

one pointed movement that pierces through the illusoriness of the Divine
time and space manifestations of Ra: these are the thoughts of the
coagulated oneness of the Cosmic Mind
created by spiral movement with One spiritual center. this is where You enter.

QUESTION: Basket of Aset, Serpent of Aset: Are the other Ba Ra Inside of the Basket?
The Coiled Snake sits on top of the Basket.
What is inside of the Basket, what is the snake sitting on?

Serpent of Aset: Sefech Ba Ra

The Movement of Creation and Dissolution occurs in a spiral format
The Movement of Serpent Power is a Vertical Movement: 
elementary practice of serpent power to develop and awaken the energy centers, and more healing.

Accumulation of certain energy centers in a spiraling movement
Energy moves from heart center into solar plexus then throat
Spiraling Systems are vastly different from the vertical motion

Two ways of movement
Vertical well known,
Spiral Movement not well known. starts at the heart

Dissolution starts at 4, does creation start at 7?

Does a Sage Create? 
The Sagely Path is Dissolution.

Disillusion/Dissolution Nehast: upwards movement
Resolution, NOT Creation: downwards movement

Act of Enlightenment is Disillusionment
The Sagely Path is the End of the Individuated Ego pg 165-166 of Serpent Power

Headdress with Serpent on Forehead
from duality to non-duality
headband with serpent heads at both ends plus the one at the forehead

Djed Pillar of Asar (Ptah also has one)

(Oh, by he way, Ancient Kisses shared Breath, not Saliva)

Qenna Papyrus: Maat, Ammit, Djehuti, Anpu on top of scales
Greenfield Papyrus: Maati, Anpu, Djehuty Baboon on top of the scale; Rings 7 Arms of Meat

North Pole in Sky
The Stars Cause the North Wind of Tem
This is the same wind that Aset uses to resurrect Asar
Infuse with the Life Force
from cool northern region
Seba Ur
the realm of Enlightenment

Goddess Aset, Shepsy Enlightened Beings
Northern Sky is for Souls that have reached a state of
consciousness that is still
Never Setting Stars, Never Ending Consciousness
Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Cepheus, Cassiopeia (The Throne of Aset), and Camelopardais

Opening of the Mouth: use the
Seba Ur, Stars, bravely with Stars
Ur, Great Illumination
Nefer Ur, Ur Nefer
This Wind of Life expels sickness and obstructions

never setting stars gif

Back to the Myth
Lady Aset had poisoned Ra
approached him with words of power and wind of life in her mouth
Nafu to Breathe, Freedom
words can control and cause something to expel

okedu: disease process
that which obstructs Mettu
dagger, harpoon, taffy shepsy: sacred serpent

Djed n a ren neter k
Those who understand Your Name The Divine Life is for them
Shepsy Existence
Mehurt Mighty Fullness
Urt means Great

Bull of His Mother signifies Self Created Nature
Mehurt: Controller of 3 Worlds
Menuret: Female Penis, to transfer energy, Sekhem to another

Three Fold Flail: physical, astral, eternal

Bring out the Truth, and the Poison comes out also
Throw out the Baby with the bathwater
Simultaneous Process
Lotus Flower Blooms and produces Seed at the same moment.
Turn on Light in a room eradicates the Darkness at the same instant
Speak the Name and Receive the Antidote

“I will give to you what you are seeking, from my body to yours, not through words or speech”
Become One with the Truth to find the name that you seek.
Come into Communion with the Divine
Come into Union with Divinity

Amun n su Netery
Hidden King of Divinity
Ka Astral
Causal Unconscious Plane
Actions Create Ari, create seed aryu
causes and effects
multiplicity of seeds
works in physical plane are powerful if they are done with
power, repetition, intention , diligence and desire