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Arit Neter S

Impressions and Reflections from Video 2
Video 2

Book of Djehuty
one must prepare and purify
before accepting these teachings
otherwise to you there’s no reaching.

Self Created Divinity, he coalesced himself 
through the breath
his consciousness out of the Nun
the Center of Intelligence of the Consciousness of the Vast Ocean

Asar and Aset
purvey a teaching that leads one to the Source
Created Heaven with the Breath of Life and the Fire of Life
Au Ten Ankh, Symbol of the Sail

M Means in, by, as in the form of, by means of, by way of, through, etc
when something is coming in the form of.

Goddess Aset coming in the form of a woman
Aset plants the seeds and Asar knows how to make them grow.
Aset knows what to do, and Asar knows what to know.

Pursue a lifestyle that enables one to pursue Nehast
Not just follow other people, or even gods or goddesses
Aset wanted to go all the way to akhu shepsu. Then, Ra, why not be like you?

Can knowing the Holy Name
Ignite the Inner Flame?
2 Horizons = Double Divinity
S = Causing Something
Ra allowed the Spittle to spill. as if it was all just a drill.

The Work the Lady is doing with her hands, creating Something that will lead to Nehast
Something that will Open the Personality of Ra
The Sacred Serpent, that will work fast.