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Arit Neter S

Impressions and Reflections from Lesson 2 Video 1
Video 1
Feelings are harder to remove than thoughts. It can hurt alot.
Can change thinking patterns, can change what happens, change the environment,
but how do you change a feeling of a moment? 
Emotions are energy in motion, so if you can change the energy, or redirect the energy, can you change the feeling? Change the thought, change the vibration, then wait for the new feelings to appear. Next time there is a trigger, instead of reacting with fear, change the sounds that you hear. Or the aroma of the atmosphere Frequency is everywhere. Chant, dance, move the energy. Release the feelings, then change the thoughts.

Khnum is the God of kneading and shaping. Knumn can remove the feelings that cause pain and ignorance. Khnum can knead, reshape and transform the feelings. can construct or reconstruct instead of allowing them to destruct. Can re-shape the toxic residue of the energy of the Mind.

Scroll: the glyphs of the abstract, the real concept behind what is illustrated. The scroll brings illumination and concentration. With the scroll, you must unroll the construct, in order to know the concept in depth.

The Glyph of Aset: A woman, an egg: what gives birth to life.
A Throne, A seat, a chair. Throne of Kemet, throne of Asar.:
Remain Seated with Aset Everywhere You Are
throne of inner calm and steadfastness.
remain seated on inner throne and cannot be moved.

Aset IS the Throne the Throne of Kemet, throne of Asar
remain seated and you will travel far. Wisdom incarnate, wisdom personified,
Trust in Aset as the Navigator, she can calm the seas of your mind.

If the Knot of Isis signifies resurrection, then when we untie the knot, we can achieve perfection.
If theAnkh is the symbol of Physical Life , it is also the symbol of struggle and strife

Aset is the Blackness of the Light. She is the Wisdom of the Night. Mystical Mysterious initiation Rites.
Aset is the Mistress of Rivers, Wind and Sun. Mistress of the Sea. This Goddess is All in one.
Mistress of the mind, don’t be blind. navigable or unnavigable, it is up to her to decide. what do I think? without Aset at the helm, this boat will sink!

Controller of the Heavens, and the cool sea breeze. with life giving air. The Mother of the Universe can put your mind at ease.

Forms of Asar:
Seker, King of the world of Nether
Amenta, the Bull that reigns forever
Greenness of Earth that gives birth to life
Blackness of Night. Before the Light.
The Trinity is Three
Ka, Astral and Netherworld
Asar Aset Heru
Threefold daily practice, now watchu gonna do?
know the three sections
of the Temple. this is where you begin.
when it is time for your initiation.

A forest of columns is the hypostyle hall.
as you move forward the level rises, and you answer the call
a complex of chapels and temples
within the compound
along with main buildings. the Goddess is all around

the Palm and Lotus columns represent
the human capacity to re-invent,
to rise up out of the muck and the mud of the primeval waters
as Ra’s Suns and Daughters
to reach up into the essence of higher consciousness.
to bloom, releasing the aroma of oneness

Place the Uadjet for protection of Aset and Nebthet
over the doorway to any hall
The Journey of Heru, as you enter, may this help you to recall.
Djehiuty decreed
that it should be
at the end of the Asraian Resurrection,
when Heru became perfection,
all encompassing direction
for us all.

The Divine Boat of Creative Movement
Sailing West
To The Beautiful West
The Land where you want to be
in order to again immortality